Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching Up On The Paparazzo's

I'd get going on my Genesis stuff, but it's been so long since I've been on here, I thought I'd get you caught up. My birthday was the 13th. We had birthday cake at Celebrate Recovery on the 12th and Josh turned the numbers around on the cake (on purpose) so that it said 53 instead of 35. Ha ha, isn't he funny. And one of my children, I can't remember which one, said, "Well, you do look 53." Aren't they sweet?!!! Last year he put a question mark on the cake. I told him that was great last year, but not this year. Not when the number ends in five or zero. Those are important birthdays. You're almost obligated to reveal your age at that point. They can guess in between. On my birthday the next day, Josh took the kids out and I had some time to myself. I did go visit a friend. It wasn't entirely joyful, since I was doing my Fifth step for those of you who are familiar with the 12 steps. Afterward she did give me a birthday Rice Krispie Treat. She would've given me one anyway, probably, but since it was my birthday she called it that. Sunday, of course was Valentine's Day, which is notorious for arriving the day after my birthday. I made sure when I married him that my husband understood that they are two separate holidays. There is my birthday and then there is Valentine's Day. They are not one! I always hated it when people did that. I found out when I was older that other people gave their childeren gifts for Valentine's Day. I told my parents this and they said they didn't think it would be fair when I get so many gifts the day before. I told them, "No, what's not fair is that I get one less holiday than everyone else!" After that I got a small gift on Valentine's Day. Of course, now, they leave that to Josh. They still send me a birthday present and they send our kids Valentine's presents. I was very grateful this year. That way they didn't really notice that they didn't get anything from us. Well, the day before they did go to Avatar 3D with their dad. Not a cheap movie. Josh didn't feel guilty about not taking me. Because of being blind in one eye I can't see the 3D movies. They're just a big blur and they give me a headache. Anyway, we were busy on Sunday. We had church and Josh had to deliver pizza later in the day. But, Josh had Monday off for President's Day, so after I had gone to step study and watched some more olympics and took a short nap and a shower, Josh and I left the kids at a neighbor's house and went on a very long date. We drove out to Camp Grizzly, so I could see where I would be spending my summer. Josh was appointed Camp Director for the summer, so the whole family will be moving out there and camping all summer. Then, we came back to town and ate the "Angry Bear". It's a steak and hamburger place. We both had delicious juicy steaks and sauteed mushrooms. We both love sauteed mushrooms. He was healthier than me and had a side of green beans while I had mashed potatoes and gravy. Typical farmgirl that I am. Steak and potatoes. Afterward we went to baskin-robbins since I had been craving ice cream all day and the steak did not curb that craving at all! After that, we came home and had some time to ourselves before the kids came home!

Today, apparently Chloe got hit in the head by a door at school and Josh took her to QuickCare to see if she needs stitches. I'm going to call him after I get off of here and see what the doctor said.


  1. Happy late birthday! Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I have been lagging in the blogging world(if you couldn't tell by my blog, lol).

    I also turned 35(back in January), and I kind of had a bad birthday because my husband got back from a conference he went to in Vegas, and he was in a lot of pain from an emergency surgery he had to have while he was in Vegas. So my 35th birthday wasn't much worth mentioning this year- which is sad because it IS a big one. Although, I'm not afraid of admitting my age to anyone and getting another year older doesn't depress me any.

    We used to call Camp Grizzly "Camp Drizzly" because it always rained when we were there.

    Sorry you missed Avatar. It had very cool special effects, but maybe you can see it when it comes out on DVD when it's not in 3D.

  2. I'm sorry your birthday wasn't happy. I'd share mine with you, but it's too late. I ate all my cake and everything! Josh was going to take me to see the normal version of Avatar that they were showing in Moscow, but they weren't showing it anymore.