Monday, February 1, 2010

Chloe's Eczema

We haven't been able to get Chloe's medications for a while. Needed to contact her doctor to update her prescriptions. I think he wants to see her, but he's so expensive. He doesn't do much, just looks at her and nods and says okay and updates the prescription and then charges us over a hundred dollars to see him for the same treatment. We've lost all faith in specialists. This has been our experience with all of them. Our family doctor does the same things as the specialists and doesn't charge as much for it. I think from now on we're just going to take her to our family doctor. She'll have her specialists records to go by and she can prescribe the same thing. He has proven his worth has long been spent. She can do the same thing now for less money. Anyway, she's been itchy and not getting a lot of sleep, so she's home today. I just got new meds for her and am letting it start to heal her skin. She's missed a lot of school this year with illnesses and things, but I didn't want to send her to school itching like crazy today. She wouldn't be able to focus on her work anyway. She slept all morning and she's been watching Veggietales videos all afternoon and trying not to itch.