Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Pictures and Missoula Children's Theatre

UPDATE: Angela's a Leprechaun (I'm going to have to learn how to spell that! I'm sure by Saturday, I will!) I knew she was short and green! I just knew it! It's a speaking role and she's at rehearsals right now! She's so excited! I'm so excited! I hope she doesn't vomit! I know she won't! She'll probably feel like she's going to! Maggie didn't get a speaking role, though! I had to turn the carpool over to Josh, so she's been communicating with him, not me! Josh doesn't want me driving in this weather and I don't want to either! Hopefully, he'll figure out what he needs to do with Maggie! If they have different schedules, I still really want to help them out by running her around later in the evening, so they can get their baby to bed at a decent hour and since they plan on taking both girls to McDonald's every day after school before rehearsals! I feel like it's the least I can do for them! I'm probably going to have to pack some snacks at least for her from the looks of the schedule! Wow! I am crazy, but I think it'll be worth it!

Anyway, when she called me this is how the conversation went, basically:
Angela: Are you on your way here?
Me: No, I was waiting for you to call, cause I understand some of the kids would have rehearsals right after auditions.
Angela: Well, they want us to go home and eat dinner, and then come back by 6:30. (It was already 6 at this time. They can't be serious! My mom told me later, they are! It's an insane schedule! Like I said, snacks are going to be necessary!)
Me: I guess you got a part then? (Not that I was surprised!)
Angela: Yeah, I'm a Leprechaun, and I have lines and everything! (She sounded shocked. I wasn't.) Maggie got a part, too, but she doesn't have lines. (Me thinking: great, they probably have totally different schedules.)
Me: So, do I need to get Maggie or is she staying, too?
Angela: I don't know. I'll find out. I gotta go. Bye. *click*

Okay, I obviously am not remembering exactly how that conversation went, cause somewhere in there we talked about how dad doesn't want me driving in this weather and I need to call him and tell him that you have rehearsals at 6:30. Josh's response was exactly what you'd expect. "They want us to pick her up, just to take her back in half an hour. Why? I'll just have her hang out there until rehearsals." I tried to tell him that he needs to figure out what Maggie's doing and what we need to do with her. I hope he got that all figured out. I'm sure I'll hear from her dad soon enough if he didn't. I sent our family go phone with Angela today, figuring it was going to be crazy and I wouldn't really know just how crazy until they got their roles and my instructions. Oh, boy! Yep! It's official! I'm insane! How much do I love my drama loving daughter!!!!

Anyway, for those of you who live in Moscow, Idaho or nearby the performances are at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the high school auditorium! It's 6 dollars for adults and 4 dollars for students and children. You can get tickets at BookPeople or just pay at the door! Let me know if you're coming! I know she would love to have you there! Oh, yeah! It's this coming Saturday! That's why the insane schedule! They only have a week to rehearse!

Just some random pictures I found on my computer. I'm waiting for news from my daughter who is at auditions for the Missoula Children's Theatre right now. Her best friend's dad picked them up from school and took them to McDonald's and to the auditions. I'm supposed to pick them up, so I'll find out soon, I hope. My stomach is in knots. I know how much this means to Angela. She's wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. She's going to have to call me and let me know when to pick them up, cause I understand that the lead roles start rehearsing tonight! And of course, as crazy as I am, I'm praying for a lead role, because I know how much she loves the spotlight. Please pray that Maggie gets a part, too. If she doesn't I'll be on my own this week. Of course, I'm not even considering the possibility that Angela might not even get a part! Don't mess with me on this!!! If they do both get parts, please pray they get in the same group of actors, cause I understand some of them will have different rehearsal times. That would make this carpool thing really complicated if they have different rehearsal times. Oh, boy! I think Holly and I are crazy letting them do this! They've both begged and begged for a week, though! They really, really wanted to! I've been thinking about you a lot, Jenny, and thinking that maybe my little girl needs this as much as you did! I certainly wouldn't want to deny her the opportunity, if she needs it, just because it's going to be a lot more work this week! Angela must have taken this one. Funny girl!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

Okay, neither of these pictures are good at all!!!! Ugh! I have super sensitive eyes, so I don't like the flash. It's hard to get any good pictures of me! This is my 26th (haha) birthday! Patty's Kitchen was closed, so we ended up going to San Miguel's instead. This is the sombrero they put on people when they have a birthday and sing happy birthday to them loud and obnoxiously with noisemakers for the entire restaurant to hear! Gotta love those mexicans! They sure do know how to have a party!!! Anyway, it was great and after I ate my meal (before the sombrero) my husband presented me with a small package. It had some sort of a case in it. I thought he might have meant it for my new iPod/iPhone (he gave me his old iPhone to use as an iPod), so he left me to stare at it for a few minutes before he pulled out a much larger package that had my camera in it! Ha ha! He thinks he's so funny! He is! I was surprised and very excited! I had put off buying myself a small point and click camera, because I needed a new laptop, so he bought it for me, for my birthday! I couldn't have asked for a better husband! What a fabulous guy! Of course, he didn't have to tell them it was my birthday! But I did get a fabulous free dessert out of the deal, so it was worth it!!!!
I can't believe he took a picture while I was talking! Well, actually, yes, I can! Of course, it's hard to get a picture when I'm not talking!!! I do love words!!!

Our iPad

This is the marvelous, awesome gift that we got this year! If you don't recognize it, it's an iPad! I always thought they were kind of silly. I mean, they're like a giant iPhone that is also a laptop, and I'm finding you can't do as much with them as with a laptop. I much prefer a laptop for blogging and other word processing functions, but I must say I find it quite enjoyable and handy. I use it a lot for facebook and twitter, although there are some things you can't do on there with those, either. Currently I'm blogging on our desktop, because I just got a new laptop and it's not yet set up. We want to get our expert computer friend to help us figure out what antivirus program we want and help us get rid of the one that came on it that we don't want, because we've had problems with it before, so we're waiting for him to contact us before we set up my new laptop. I'll probably be telling you about that in a future post.

Have I mentioned that everything has to be about Angela, especially when I get out the program. Once again, so unlike her mother, but I'm getting over it. She has no desire to get over it.This is Angela's favorite app. Maybe she'll give me a chance to take a picture of my favorite app one of these days. Have you ever played this game? It's very silly, and I really don't see why everyone's so crazy about it. I got bored with it very quickly.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day and SSMT

My husband had to leave town on Valentine's Day. He left early, but this is what was on my dresser when I woke up in the morning! No, that is not a real Rose. It's even better! It's chocolate!!!! And I have a love for holiday socks, so that's why the socks. I have a HUGE collection of Christmas socks! Never mind the mess (we've talked about this before right?) This is my silly daughter, Angela. You've met her before.
This is my other silly daughter, Chloe. You've met her before, too. Just not as much, because she's not as much of a drama queen. She's calm like her mother, right? Just agree with me, okay. Even though we all know I'm really WAAAAAAYYYY more like Angela! We won't talk about that, though.She wanted me to take a picture of her brushing her teeth, and of her special timer that she uses. Now, below is my goofy son, Jeremiah. Of course, you've met him before. He's the Boy Scout. He's hugging the box that my rose came in.

Now, he's playing with it.
This is me wearing the cutest pair of the socks that I got.This is a close-up of those SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) spiral I mentioned. It now has 4 verses in it. We post a new verse on the LPM blog the first and fifteenth of every month, taking our time to really get some truth into our heads.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me And Angela Being Silly!

So, my daughter, Angela, got home from school early today, because she caught a ride from one of our friends from church who has a daughter who also goes to the charter school. Plus, they live in the neighborhood and drive right by our house on their way back home anyway. So, she was having me help her with her homework. I was writing in my journal. Yes, I have one of those. You don't get the most personal side of me, believe it or not. I know, it's a scary thought, what might be in there, if this isn't the most personal that I get! It scares me, too! I'm just one big package of TMI!!! I try to save that for my journal!
Anyway, before you distracted me, while I was doing that she was doing her math homework. She knows better than to ask me for help with that. I have no left brain. As she says, writing is the only thing I'm good at. I'm not even sure I'm good at that, but who really does until you're published and the world says your awesome! After she finished her math homework, she asked me to help her with spelling, something EVERYONE knows I can help with!!!! She kept repeating the word "build" (one of her spelling words), so I kept teasing her, "Build what? What do you want me to build? You know I don't build! Your dad builds. I write. Fine, I'll build something." So, I started piling stuff up that was on my bed, which if you look at the headboard you can see that I'm quite talented at piling things. Have I mentioned on here that my house, expecially my room, looks like an episode from "Hoarders"? Mostly because we do need a lot of things with active 12, 10, and 8 year old children in the house. Not to mention a mother who loves to read and write and is addicted to technology! And we live in a single-wide trailer house! It's crazy, I know! Anyway, Angela saw the things I was piling up and she pretended like she was showing art and said, "Now, this is a piece I like to call 'the things mom needs.'" At that point all I had in the pile were my journal, our iPad, a book, and my bible. I said, "Hmmm, in that case somethings missing....oh, I know!" So, I grabbed my laptop with it's case and put it underneath the rest. Then, I said, "Hmmm, it's still missing something." Then, I grabbed my purse and pulled out my camera and my SSMT memory verse spiral and put them on the pile. If you want to find out what SSMT is, you'll have to visit Beth Moore's blog. Just look her up on the web. She has a link to her blog. Angela added my "iPod" which is really just an old iPhone without any phone service. The reason you see the pink chord is because one speaker was in my ear blasting praise music which I refused to take out! Obviously, I had to remove the camera to take the picture, so the "camera" that you see is really just the camera case. Yes, my sweet husband even bought me a case for my camera! In fact, he gave me that first. Maybe I'll tell you about that in another post. I'm no longer promising certain posts. I did that with my Ladies Retreat post and then my whole world fell in around me, or so it seemed, so I never got to it. That was a epic fail and I apologize! Please forgive me??? Anyway, this is the final piece of artwork "The Things Mom Needs." Seems pretty simple until you start adding up how much all of that costs!!! Please don't do that! You'll be depressed for the rest of your life! Moments later, after she finished her homework, I got a little too excited about something or actually don't really remember what happened, but I fell off the bed and cut my toe on a broken mirror in my room. Angela insisted on taking care of me like I do her when she gets hurt, so the next few are Angela hard at work on my toe! (I told you there'd be some randome silly things on here for a while!)

By the way, don't you think her haircut is just darling?! We all got new haircuts (some better than others :)) except for Josh who doesn't have any hair!!! That's okay. Bald men are sexy.

Me, Up To Late, Again!

I know it's been a while, so I thought I'd check in. I can't believe it's really been over a week since my last post. It's late or should I say early, so I'll just say that I got a new camera for my birthday, so expect lots of random pictures that I've been taking. Many with you all, specifically, in mind. I'd think to myself, "Oh, I have to take a picture of this for my blog! I'd put some on now, but it's late and all the lights are off in my house, and I'm pretty sure my husband would like me to stop typing now! Hopefully, life will slow down a little soon, so I can blog during normal, waking hours! You know, hours when normal people are awake!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I look like a monkey and I know I sound like one too!!!! I'm taking a small pause in the pictures to celebrate MEEEEEE!!! I know, I'm so selfish. And if you're wondering how old I am, I'm 26! And if you believe that I might even buy YOU a present for my birthday! Unfortunately I didn't get to go to church today, because my oldest daughter caught the cold I had last week and my son had this week. My younger daughter I think has it, too, but she's pretty functional, just really sniffly. Angela, however, is sound asleep in my bed right now. She told me she was fine and we were all up early and getting ready for church, but then she was laying on the couch looking miserable and I said, ""Are you sure you're okay. We shouldn't go if you're sick." She said she didn't want to ruin my birthday, so we could go and she'd just sleep in the cry room. What a sweet little girl I have! But I didn't want to do that, so we stayed home! I didn't want to do that to her and I didn't think the church people would like that idea either. I told her we could still go out to lunch after she took a nap, so she really isn't ruining my birthday! We're going to lunch at Patty's Kitchen at my request!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Pictures From Locomotive Park

Okay, so at the Locomotive Park they always have this dance mat, and when you step on certain spots, certain lights come on. The kids absolutely LOVE the dance mat! So the next few are me and the kids dancing (or attempting to dance) on the dance mat.

This is me trying to dance. It's disturbing, I know!
This is a new dance style, I guess, where you pretend to fight, but you're not really fighting. They never actually hit each other. At least not during this dance! I promise you they have been known to hit each other!!!! Sorry to ruin your image of my kids if you thought all this time that they are non-violent!
She is adorable! No, you can't have her! She's mine! By the way, that hat is a panda bear. It came with her "I love animals" shirt and she loves it. Papa kept asking her when she'd go outside if she remembered to put her ears on. I continued the tradition when we got home until it got too warm for her "ears." She always smiled! She loves it!
I don't know what Chloe and I are looking at, but it must be interesting. We seem to be studying it like art critics or something! LOL
Wow! It must be really cool!!!! The art critic is impressed! And someone needs to fix her glasses! They seem to be falling off her face! She has this problem a lot! I always did, too. Those tiny button noses are a blessing until you need them to hold your glasses up!
Well, Jeremiah finds something fascinating!

Angela loves to dance, and this is the "fireplace" they have outside by the dance mat. It's really cool!! Well, actually it's quite warm! It does give off heat, but I don't think the "flames" are real. Although, who knows maybe they are. They're set way back from that screen that you see.

All of those colorful bricks that you see on a lot of these pictures were individually handpainted by people, mostly kids! They're really cool! Some people got several bricks and painted a larger picture! They're really neat! I wish I could take some pictures of some of them close up for you! There're so many of them you could never see them all in one visit!

More Fun From Christmas

We went to see the lights in Lewiston at Locomotive Park on Christmas Day.

This was also a display at the light show in Lewiston. Designed specifically for families to do this!

I did something weird to this picture on accident while moving pictures and couldn't get it fixed all the way. Trust me, it's a lot better than it was :)

Anatone is a town we go through on the way to and from Joseph and I've always wanted to take a picture of this to show the world. So my sweet husband stopped so we could do this.

Another picture of the landscape on the way out of Wallowa County.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Home And My Brother's Girlfriend

Here are some more pictures of the beautiful scenery where I grew up.

And another one of my brother's girlfriend. I think she's really cute.