Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our iPad

This is the marvelous, awesome gift that we got this year! If you don't recognize it, it's an iPad! I always thought they were kind of silly. I mean, they're like a giant iPhone that is also a laptop, and I'm finding you can't do as much with them as with a laptop. I much prefer a laptop for blogging and other word processing functions, but I must say I find it quite enjoyable and handy. I use it a lot for facebook and twitter, although there are some things you can't do on there with those, either. Currently I'm blogging on our desktop, because I just got a new laptop and it's not yet set up. We want to get our expert computer friend to help us figure out what antivirus program we want and help us get rid of the one that came on it that we don't want, because we've had problems with it before, so we're waiting for him to contact us before we set up my new laptop. I'll probably be telling you about that in a future post.

Have I mentioned that everything has to be about Angela, especially when I get out the program. Once again, so unlike her mother, but I'm getting over it. She has no desire to get over it.This is Angela's favorite app. Maybe she'll give me a chance to take a picture of my favorite app one of these days. Have you ever played this game? It's very silly, and I really don't see why everyone's so crazy about it. I got bored with it very quickly.

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  1. ooooo i love angry birds. Would be soo much fun to play on a bigger screen .