Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Pictures and Missoula Children's Theatre

UPDATE: Angela's a Leprechaun (I'm going to have to learn how to spell that! I'm sure by Saturday, I will!) I knew she was short and green! I just knew it! It's a speaking role and she's at rehearsals right now! She's so excited! I'm so excited! I hope she doesn't vomit! I know she won't! She'll probably feel like she's going to! Maggie didn't get a speaking role, though! I had to turn the carpool over to Josh, so she's been communicating with him, not me! Josh doesn't want me driving in this weather and I don't want to either! Hopefully, he'll figure out what he needs to do with Maggie! If they have different schedules, I still really want to help them out by running her around later in the evening, so they can get their baby to bed at a decent hour and since they plan on taking both girls to McDonald's every day after school before rehearsals! I feel like it's the least I can do for them! I'm probably going to have to pack some snacks at least for her from the looks of the schedule! Wow! I am crazy, but I think it'll be worth it!

Anyway, when she called me this is how the conversation went, basically:
Angela: Are you on your way here?
Me: No, I was waiting for you to call, cause I understand some of the kids would have rehearsals right after auditions.
Angela: Well, they want us to go home and eat dinner, and then come back by 6:30. (It was already 6 at this time. They can't be serious! My mom told me later, they are! It's an insane schedule! Like I said, snacks are going to be necessary!)
Me: I guess you got a part then? (Not that I was surprised!)
Angela: Yeah, I'm a Leprechaun, and I have lines and everything! (She sounded shocked. I wasn't.) Maggie got a part, too, but she doesn't have lines. (Me thinking: great, they probably have totally different schedules.)
Me: So, do I need to get Maggie or is she staying, too?
Angela: I don't know. I'll find out. I gotta go. Bye. *click*

Okay, I obviously am not remembering exactly how that conversation went, cause somewhere in there we talked about how dad doesn't want me driving in this weather and I need to call him and tell him that you have rehearsals at 6:30. Josh's response was exactly what you'd expect. "They want us to pick her up, just to take her back in half an hour. Why? I'll just have her hang out there until rehearsals." I tried to tell him that he needs to figure out what Maggie's doing and what we need to do with her. I hope he got that all figured out. I'm sure I'll hear from her dad soon enough if he didn't. I sent our family go phone with Angela today, figuring it was going to be crazy and I wouldn't really know just how crazy until they got their roles and my instructions. Oh, boy! Yep! It's official! I'm insane! How much do I love my drama loving daughter!!!!

Anyway, for those of you who live in Moscow, Idaho or nearby the performances are at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the high school auditorium! It's 6 dollars for adults and 4 dollars for students and children. You can get tickets at BookPeople or just pay at the door! Let me know if you're coming! I know she would love to have you there! Oh, yeah! It's this coming Saturday! That's why the insane schedule! They only have a week to rehearse!

Just some random pictures I found on my computer. I'm waiting for news from my daughter who is at auditions for the Missoula Children's Theatre right now. Her best friend's dad picked them up from school and took them to McDonald's and to the auditions. I'm supposed to pick them up, so I'll find out soon, I hope. My stomach is in knots. I know how much this means to Angela. She's wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. She's going to have to call me and let me know when to pick them up, cause I understand that the lead roles start rehearsing tonight! And of course, as crazy as I am, I'm praying for a lead role, because I know how much she loves the spotlight. Please pray that Maggie gets a part, too. If she doesn't I'll be on my own this week. Of course, I'm not even considering the possibility that Angela might not even get a part! Don't mess with me on this!!! If they do both get parts, please pray they get in the same group of actors, cause I understand some of them will have different rehearsal times. That would make this carpool thing really complicated if they have different rehearsal times. Oh, boy! I think Holly and I are crazy letting them do this! They've both begged and begged for a week, though! They really, really wanted to! I've been thinking about you a lot, Jenny, and thinking that maybe my little girl needs this as much as you did! I certainly wouldn't want to deny her the opportunity, if she needs it, just because it's going to be a lot more work this week! Angela must have taken this one. Funny girl!

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