Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me And Angela Being Silly!

So, my daughter, Angela, got home from school early today, because she caught a ride from one of our friends from church who has a daughter who also goes to the charter school. Plus, they live in the neighborhood and drive right by our house on their way back home anyway. So, she was having me help her with her homework. I was writing in my journal. Yes, I have one of those. You don't get the most personal side of me, believe it or not. I know, it's a scary thought, what might be in there, if this isn't the most personal that I get! It scares me, too! I'm just one big package of TMI!!! I try to save that for my journal!
Anyway, before you distracted me, while I was doing that she was doing her math homework. She knows better than to ask me for help with that. I have no left brain. As she says, writing is the only thing I'm good at. I'm not even sure I'm good at that, but who really does until you're published and the world says your awesome! After she finished her math homework, she asked me to help her with spelling, something EVERYONE knows I can help with!!!! She kept repeating the word "build" (one of her spelling words), so I kept teasing her, "Build what? What do you want me to build? You know I don't build! Your dad builds. I write. Fine, I'll build something." So, I started piling stuff up that was on my bed, which if you look at the headboard you can see that I'm quite talented at piling things. Have I mentioned on here that my house, expecially my room, looks like an episode from "Hoarders"? Mostly because we do need a lot of things with active 12, 10, and 8 year old children in the house. Not to mention a mother who loves to read and write and is addicted to technology! And we live in a single-wide trailer house! It's crazy, I know! Anyway, Angela saw the things I was piling up and she pretended like she was showing art and said, "Now, this is a piece I like to call 'the things mom needs.'" At that point all I had in the pile were my journal, our iPad, a book, and my bible. I said, "Hmmm, in that case somethings missing....oh, I know!" So, I grabbed my laptop with it's case and put it underneath the rest. Then, I said, "Hmmm, it's still missing something." Then, I grabbed my purse and pulled out my camera and my SSMT memory verse spiral and put them on the pile. If you want to find out what SSMT is, you'll have to visit Beth Moore's blog. Just look her up on the web. She has a link to her blog. Angela added my "iPod" which is really just an old iPhone without any phone service. The reason you see the pink chord is because one speaker was in my ear blasting praise music which I refused to take out! Obviously, I had to remove the camera to take the picture, so the "camera" that you see is really just the camera case. Yes, my sweet husband even bought me a case for my camera! In fact, he gave me that first. Maybe I'll tell you about that in another post. I'm no longer promising certain posts. I did that with my Ladies Retreat post and then my whole world fell in around me, or so it seemed, so I never got to it. That was a epic fail and I apologize! Please forgive me??? Anyway, this is the final piece of artwork "The Things Mom Needs." Seems pretty simple until you start adding up how much all of that costs!!! Please don't do that! You'll be depressed for the rest of your life! Moments later, after she finished her homework, I got a little too excited about something or actually don't really remember what happened, but I fell off the bed and cut my toe on a broken mirror in my room. Angela insisted on taking care of me like I do her when she gets hurt, so the next few are Angela hard at work on my toe! (I told you there'd be some randome silly things on here for a while!)

By the way, don't you think her haircut is just darling?! We all got new haircuts (some better than others :)) except for Josh who doesn't have any hair!!! That's okay. Bald men are sexy.

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