Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day and SSMT

My husband had to leave town on Valentine's Day. He left early, but this is what was on my dresser when I woke up in the morning! No, that is not a real Rose. It's even better! It's chocolate!!!! And I have a love for holiday socks, so that's why the socks. I have a HUGE collection of Christmas socks! Never mind the mess (we've talked about this before right?) This is my silly daughter, Angela. You've met her before.
This is my other silly daughter, Chloe. You've met her before, too. Just not as much, because she's not as much of a drama queen. She's calm like her mother, right? Just agree with me, okay. Even though we all know I'm really WAAAAAAYYYY more like Angela! We won't talk about that, though.She wanted me to take a picture of her brushing her teeth, and of her special timer that she uses. Now, below is my goofy son, Jeremiah. Of course, you've met him before. He's the Boy Scout. He's hugging the box that my rose came in.

Now, he's playing with it.
This is me wearing the cutest pair of the socks that I got.This is a close-up of those SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) spiral I mentioned. It now has 4 verses in it. We post a new verse on the LPM blog the first and fifteenth of every month, taking our time to really get some truth into our heads.

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