Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Pictures From Locomotive Park

Okay, so at the Locomotive Park they always have this dance mat, and when you step on certain spots, certain lights come on. The kids absolutely LOVE the dance mat! So the next few are me and the kids dancing (or attempting to dance) on the dance mat.

This is me trying to dance. It's disturbing, I know!
This is a new dance style, I guess, where you pretend to fight, but you're not really fighting. They never actually hit each other. At least not during this dance! I promise you they have been known to hit each other!!!! Sorry to ruin your image of my kids if you thought all this time that they are non-violent!
She is adorable! No, you can't have her! She's mine! By the way, that hat is a panda bear. It came with her "I love animals" shirt and she loves it. Papa kept asking her when she'd go outside if she remembered to put her ears on. I continued the tradition when we got home until it got too warm for her "ears." She always smiled! She loves it!
I don't know what Chloe and I are looking at, but it must be interesting. We seem to be studying it like art critics or something! LOL
Wow! It must be really cool!!!! The art critic is impressed! And someone needs to fix her glasses! They seem to be falling off her face! She has this problem a lot! I always did, too. Those tiny button noses are a blessing until you need them to hold your glasses up!
Well, Jeremiah finds something fascinating!

Angela loves to dance, and this is the "fireplace" they have outside by the dance mat. It's really cool!! Well, actually it's quite warm! It does give off heat, but I don't think the "flames" are real. Although, who knows maybe they are. They're set way back from that screen that you see.

All of those colorful bricks that you see on a lot of these pictures were individually handpainted by people, mostly kids! They're really cool! Some people got several bricks and painted a larger picture! They're really neat! I wish I could take some pictures of some of them close up for you! There're so many of them you could never see them all in one visit!

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  1. These are such great photos Shellie. If someone ever got a photo of me doing that stupid dance mat, I'd be in for a horrific shocker I'm sure. I suck at that thing, and I can't imagine how uncoordinated I look.

    Ah, the button nose, so true. I DO have many a photo and memory of my glasses at the tip of my nose, and an adult telling me to "fix my glasses". So far none of my kids have glasses yet, praying they get daddy's eyes and don't know the pleasure. Although your kiddos all have adorable glasses, it must be a full time job keeping them found, defogged, and pushed up! :) !