Monday, February 7, 2011

More Christmas Pictures and I Got A Nap!

Okay, today instead of blogging I took a nap:) I told you I needed a nap. So here are more Christmas pictures.
It's a stuffed cow, Jeremiah. And I thought that was Chloe's?

Hmm, I think Angela's confused? It's a floor. I know we don't usually see that in our house.

It's another present. Try looking in the bag.

Oh, yeah. This is a lovely picture of me. Sarcasm isn't really complaining is it? Beth Moore challenged us on her blog not to complain today. I'm not really complaining, just commenting.

Chloe loves this shirt! It's really cute! It has lots of animals on it and says "I love Animals" which is so her!

This is me checking out her adorable pink diva outfit :)

Not sure what's happening here. Just family hanging out, I guess.

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