Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Weeks Left

Well, I may not be able to keep up this blog very well this summer, or continue reading all of your wonderful blogs and participating in the way that many have found to be actively participating with them on their blogs. That is just amazing. But it turns out that I may not just be isolated in the fact that I can't leave camp more than once or twice all summer, or in the fact that I have no telephone access for personal use, but it turns out I may not be able to use the internet for personal use hardly at all. I really don't see how anyone survives two months with that little of interaction with their close family and friends, but somehow I'm going to have to. I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy and probably end up in a mental facility, but until then, I guess we'll try to enjoy what little life I have left right now. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be told you have two weeks to live, because that's what I feel like I've been told. After all it only takes about 2 weeks of isolation for me to end up in a pit of depression and addiction, and somehow I have to survive six, possibly eight weeks of isolation! Not gonna happen!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Refreshing Day

Well, it's been a refreshing day, but now I'm going to have to get some laundry done tomorrow. I know, working on Sunday! It's the price I pay for resting on Saturday!

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2 (I know. Not very exciting.)

Well, the family is now home. They had lunch at a local restaurant in one of the tiny little towns near camp. It sounds like a best kept secret of this area. Great food at great prices! Josh fed himself and all 3 kids for 20 dollars! I don't remember the last time I spent that little even at a fast food restaurant and this was no fast food! That is fantastic! We might have to make our way there at some point during our stay at Camp Grizzly this summer! It's only a few miles from the camp! Angela gets to hang with her friend, Maggie, for a while tomorrow night. She's excited.

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

Well, it's Saturday and my kids went with Josh to Camp Grizzly today, so I slept until 11:30! Feeling a little guilty about that. Not too much though. I'm not sure when they will return. Not sure if they brought any food with them, so they'll probably get hungry soon. We manage to hang around until 3 the last time we did that and the whole family was there. There's just so much to see and do there that they kind of forget about their stomachs, I think. I'm not sure what Josh has in mind for the rest of our weekend, but we'll see.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A No Budget 3-Day Weekend

Well, it's the beginning of a 3-day weekend! Unfortunately, we don't get to do anything fun, cause Josh's work messed up and turned in his work stuff too late and he doesn't get paid until Tuesday. He was supposed to get paid today, so we're pretty low on funds. It's also our 13th anniversary on Monday, so I'm really disappointed. Oh, well. I'm sure we'll manage to enjoy it somehow.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Randomness

Well, it's another morning at the Paparazzo house. It looks like everyone's going to be able to go to school today! Yay! It's so nice to have healthy kids again! I don't think we have any activities this evening, so maybe I'll just get to enjoy them for a change! My cars been on the fritz. The last two days it's had to be jumped in order for me to go anywhere. Hopefully Josh will be able to take it in to get looked at today or some other time in the next week. I'm really going to need my car this summer, so it needs to get fixed. Josh found out what's wrong with our Wii system. There's a small part that I can't remember what it's called that is fried. If it's not too expensive to replace we'll have a Wii again soon. How do you like that for a random Paparazzo update?!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Crazy Randomness

Well, of course, I am stuck at home with a sick child once again. This time my older daughter, Angela. She's complaining that there isn't anything for her to eat that will be easy on her throat. She wants me to call her daddy, but I don't want to interrupt his bible study that he is at right now. Or is he? Maybe that's Thursday, so he's not. Hmm, maybe I will call him and see about him getting some ice cream and maybe some yogurt.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angela's Sick

Well, it's another evening at the Paparazzo home. I have not been feeling well last night or tonight. Not surprising, since I've been taking care of a sickly little one. She's mostly better now. Of course, I just sent Angela to bed a short while ago with a sore throat and a fever, so now we've got another sick one. She seems to be very sick, which is typical. She hardly ever gets sick, but when she does.....Oh, Boy......Does She GET SICK! She's not very happy about it, because her class at school is working on a very fun project with kites. I think they're going to the park tomorrow and flying them. She's going to miss out! I don't blame her for being disappointed, but obviously I can't send her to school with a fever! Poor thing! She's been so good lately, too! I hate to have her miss out on all the fun!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Typical Paparazzo Moment

Well, Josh arrived home yesterday afternoon, as Angela and I were getting ready to take her to her best friend's birthday party. I tried to get home after dropping her off and arranging for her to be brought home, as quickly as possible. I thought I was going to have to stay, so I called Josh and he was very cranky, wanting me to come home. After all, he hadn't seen me all week. So I hurried home. As much as Chloe wanted to convince us that she was fine, her very heavy eyelids and funny stuffy voice told me otherwise. I gave her some medicine and sent her to bed early and she's home with me today.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well Behaved Girls

Josh is returning home today! I'm so excited! The house was a disaster yesterday! Chloe was sick and Angela was whiney. I got nothing done. Then, Angela was having nightmares and scared last night, so I had to sleep with her. I hardly got any sleep. I wandered back to my bed at 3 in the morning and the girls let me sleep in after I got up and put a movie in for them and got Chloe some pop-tarts (Angela got her own). Apparently they cleaned house while I was sleeping, because the house was mostly clean when I woke up!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Kids Play Was AWESOME

The kids school play was awesome! My kids are geniuses! Especially my two oldest kids. Chloe didn't have an individual part. She just did the group stuff following along with her other classmates. She's much shier and more scared than the older two. I'm sure she'll come into her own soon. She's come out of her shell a lot more this year. Very social, so who knows how she'll change next year. Next Angela came on stage. She was brilliant! She played a girl with no virtues (that was their theme for the school year and the production) and was turned into a ghost for it. My favorite line from her? (Dramatic pause here.) "I'm pasty.......I need make-up!" and I wish you could actually see her face when she says it. She's so dramatically genius the way she performs it! She's adorable too! She wore a blue checkered dress and had braids, so she looked just like Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz. She was amazing through her entire performance and then Jeremiah came on. If you were there you might've had trouble recognizing Jeremiah. He generally doesn't have long blonde hair or where green velvet dresses. And he most definitely doesn't walk like that. Oh, yes, or have balloons for boobs, but they were very nice. I can't even describe his performance. You'd just have to have been there. He says things like, "What kind of tea would you like?" and yes, he uses a very high pitched voice and a very feminine walk. For friends and family who missed it, I did have my children recording from the balcony when they weren't on stage. My two oldest passed the camera back and forth to each other and found someone else at the end for when they were both (actually all three) on stage. Had to get the finale on camera, too. I haven't watched it. I had them record both times, so we could get as much of it as possible.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kids School Play

Today's the day. The kids have their school play tonight at 7 p.m. at the Moscow High School. Angela's going to play the piano, Chloe's playing the Maracas and Jeremiah is playing a mom! He's going to be wearing a dress and make-up and everything! I'm sure it will be hilarious! Anyone who lives nearby can either get their tickets at the Moscow Charter School or you can just show up at the high school. There's another performance tomorrow at 1 p.m. Candy, sorry haven't contacted you. I've been pretty busy with Josh gone and just keep forgetting. Again, sorry. I hope this information is helpful. Seating is limited so you might want to call the school and make sure there are still tickets available ahead of time. Their number is 883-3195 if you don't have a Moscow phone book.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Genesis 2:23

Genesis 2:23

The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman', for she was taken out of man."

I could say something, but it would probably be very inapropriate if I even could put it into words, so I'm choosing to not offer a personal commentary on this. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won't happen often. I do have a big mouth. I just hope this scripture somehow will bless you today all by itself.

Day Four

Well, it's Day Four and I'm going to try and take it easy. I don't know how successful I'll be, but I'm going to try really hard! Right now I'm listening to a book on CD by Beth Moore, called "Get Out Of That Pit." It's very good. You can get it in actually reading book form as well, which I prefer, but this is what my friend, Sherry, had, so this is what I'm enjoying listening to as I do things around the house, including writing to all of you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Three and My Shopping Addiction

Day threee without Josh. I have to take Jeremiah to a Boy Scout meeting tonight and hopefully find out what time I need to take him to the church on Friday so he can go to the Centennial Camporee. Josh is so mad that he's missing it. He tried to convince them to send him to the camp training in Hawaii, but no such luck. He he! I'm sure he onnnnnly wanted to go to Hawaii because it's at a different time and he wouldn't miss the camporee!!!! Also who he's even riding up with. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell them he needs a sleeping bag. Thanks. Just typing it always helps me remember. I'm sure I won't forget. I sure hope not. Angela wanted to go shopping for stuff for camp again. I told her I'd thought about that today and it had occurred to me that if she and I missed a day of shopping we won't die. I know, insane right. I'm sure that's just Satan trying to kill us, so I'll probably at least go to one store and look around. Besides, I'm suddenly feeling like I "need" some bubble bath. I haven't had a bubble bath in years! That's just not right.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Ready For Camp

Well, it's our second full day without Josh. He's in the wilderness this time as I understand it, so only very brief conversations with a very weak signal. I don't always understand everything he's saying, so I don't know a whole lot about what he's doing, except that he's doing well, and the area around Salt Lake City, Utah is apparently very beautiful to him. I've seen the area from the area and know that I was in awe as I was flying into the airport. Quite a lovely area. He was heading off to campfire when he was talking to me. The conversations would be short even if we had a good signal, because he's on a very tight schedule. He'll only be gone for a week this time. Not two weeks like his last Boy Scouts training thing. I think he'll be doing another one of those longer one's in the fall. I do know he will be doing another training conference in the fall, just not sure how long. We've done some shopping the last couple of days, getting ready for camp. Not much though. Angela did find a SpongeBob camp chair at The Hope Center. And I bought another water bottle at Wal-Mart for our trip. I'll buy at least one more before we go, but we're trying to spread out our spending for camp a little.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Post

I am absolutely amazed at what a little competition did for my comments! Who knew! I might have to do this more often. It might get pretty expensive if I do that too much, though. Yeah, truly, I can't even afford regular chocolate. I know. Such a crime. I'm cutting out an entire food group (or at least on my food group chart it's a whole food group.) We're going to Camp Grizzly tomorrow to do some work getting the camp ready. Before that we're going to a friends house to check out some supplies she has for us for the summer. I absolutely love the ladies in my bible study. A whole bunch of our supplies are going to most likely be given to us by them. They asked for a list of things we needed and I made it and gave it to them. They are the neatest, most generous, loving people in the whole wide world!

Angela And Jeremiah Trouble

Well, today I'm taking Angela to the eye doctor's. When I drop her off I'm going to pick Jeremiah up and take him to get his glasses which are done. I'm hoping the timing will be just right so all he'll miss is recess. He's been trying to get out of school, so I'm making sure he misses as little as possible. He got into a little bit of trouble yesterday, so he's in hot water. Other than that I think I'm just going to take it easy today. I'm pretty tired. I stayed up too late last night. Oh, yeah. I do have to go to the library today. I'll probably do that when the kids get home from school and pick out another movie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Won The Contest

Well, it looks like I won. She apparently forgot about the contest. She only had the one post about the contest. And she didn't ask about it all day. That's okay. I already ate the chocolate anyway!

The Start Of The End Of This School Year

Well, it's another beautiful morning at the Paparazzo's and I will be sending the kids off to school in a few minutes. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. Josh is leaving for Utah for camp training on Sunday morning and won't be home until late Saturday, so I will be on my own for school plays and baseball games and scout activities (both boys and girls), and whatever other activities arise. Wow! It's going to be crazy, but I'll try to check in every now and then.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Fun Tuesday

Well, I went to bible study today and gave the ladies a list of things we need for camp this summer. I'm hoping I can save money by getting a few hand-me-downs. I'm also checking out the thrift stores. I've already been told of a couple of things that some of the ladies know they have for me. I'm hoping that also if we get enough hand-me-down stuff that me and the girls and maybe even Jeremiah can get some fun stuff for camp as well. Angela's home and complaining that she needs shorts. Now, Chloe is complaining that she doesn't have any shorts. She's standing in her underwear and tank top complaining. I told her, "I guess we can't go shopping for shorts, cause she doesn't have any shorts." I know. I know. She thought I was amusing too. I'm so funny, I can hardly stand myself. I told her she'll have to wear something else so we can go shopping. I also went and had lunch with Josh and his mom and Kaci and her son, Danyole, afterwards. It was fun and tasty. We went to Smoky Mountain. It's a pizza and pasta place. We missed you, Candy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Angela's Baptism

On a more serious note: My daughter, Angela, 9 years old, was baptized yesterday. Before she got in the tub they brought in for the baptism she asked my pastor if the water was cold. He assured her that he had made sure it was warm. I'm sure she was remembering Jeremiah's baptism when he was standing there in the water freezing to death because the water heater wasn't working that morning. LOL! Josh got to "help" baptize her.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chocolate Competition

Me and my daughter, Angela, and I are having a competition. It was her idea. Whichever one of us gets the most comments wins. The reward is chocolate, so you all know that I need chocolate more than she does right? I mean I'm a full grown woman. She's a little girl who often doesn't brush her teeth all that well, or at all if I'm not paying attention. So chocolate results in cavities for her, while it just adds a couple of pounds which I quickly work off and maybe a few pimples for me. Those also go away pretty quickly, so you can see who it's going to do the most damage to if she wins the chocolate. I mean isn't bad enough we already know we're going to have to pay for braces when she's a teenager? We really don't need the added expense of cavities! So, please, comment away!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wash Your Eyelids

The kids have a four day weekend so they've been home all day. They had to come with me to my eye doctor appointment. It turns out I have bacteria on my eyelids (Eeeew, I know) that's causing my frequent eye infections. So now I have to wash my eyelids. Weird, huh? It's not as complicated as it sounds. They have special eyelid washing cloths that he gave me and then, when I run out of those I can just use baby shampoo. He says I probably don't notice like other people do because of being blind in that eye, so I don't really feel it until it's really bad. So anyway, I actually have to regularly "wash" my eyelids. I have to do it like twice a day now, but only once a week or so after this week.