Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Kids Play Was AWESOME

The kids school play was awesome! My kids are geniuses! Especially my two oldest kids. Chloe didn't have an individual part. She just did the group stuff following along with her other classmates. She's much shier and more scared than the older two. I'm sure she'll come into her own soon. She's come out of her shell a lot more this year. Very social, so who knows how she'll change next year. Next Angela came on stage. She was brilliant! She played a girl with no virtues (that was their theme for the school year and the production) and was turned into a ghost for it. My favorite line from her? (Dramatic pause here.) "I'm pasty.......I need make-up!" and I wish you could actually see her face when she says it. She's so dramatically genius the way she performs it! She's adorable too! She wore a blue checkered dress and had braids, so she looked just like Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz. She was amazing through her entire performance and then Jeremiah came on. If you were there you might've had trouble recognizing Jeremiah. He generally doesn't have long blonde hair or where green velvet dresses. And he most definitely doesn't walk like that. Oh, yes, or have balloons for boobs, but they were very nice. I can't even describe his performance. You'd just have to have been there. He says things like, "What kind of tea would you like?" and yes, he uses a very high pitched voice and a very feminine walk. For friends and family who missed it, I did have my children recording from the balcony when they weren't on stage. My two oldest passed the camera back and forth to each other and found someone else at the end for when they were both (actually all three) on stage. Had to get the finale on camera, too. I haven't watched it. I had them record both times, so we could get as much of it as possible.

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