Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Post

I am absolutely amazed at what a little competition did for my comments! Who knew! I might have to do this more often. It might get pretty expensive if I do that too much, though. Yeah, truly, I can't even afford regular chocolate. I know. Such a crime. I'm cutting out an entire food group (or at least on my food group chart it's a whole food group.) We're going to Camp Grizzly tomorrow to do some work getting the camp ready. Before that we're going to a friends house to check out some supplies she has for us for the summer. I absolutely love the ladies in my bible study. A whole bunch of our supplies are going to most likely be given to us by them. They asked for a list of things we needed and I made it and gave it to them. They are the neatest, most generous, loving people in the whole wide world!


  1. thats is sooo neat to have friends like that. So yeah next time you do this CONTEST better let Angela on the computer. Thats not fair to hog it now. LOL. just kidding. Tell her next time to write more so we can comment on her too. So yeah it will be nice to have you guys so close and feel free to come by anytime you want. the kids would have fun playing with their cousins. Not sure if you will have internet there but atleast you can come over to do that. Getting closer to gettting our place

  2. We stopped by to see if you were there today. We were working at Camp Grizzly for a while. You weren't there, though.

  3. I'm glad you have such a great group of friends in your Bible Study! Hope you have fun at Camp Grizzly!