Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Three and My Shopping Addiction

Day threee without Josh. I have to take Jeremiah to a Boy Scout meeting tonight and hopefully find out what time I need to take him to the church on Friday so he can go to the Centennial Camporee. Josh is so mad that he's missing it. He tried to convince them to send him to the camp training in Hawaii, but no such luck. He he! I'm sure he onnnnnly wanted to go to Hawaii because it's at a different time and he wouldn't miss the camporee!!!! Also who he's even riding up with. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell them he needs a sleeping bag. Thanks. Just typing it always helps me remember. I'm sure I won't forget. I sure hope not. Angela wanted to go shopping for stuff for camp again. I told her I'd thought about that today and it had occurred to me that if she and I missed a day of shopping we won't die. I know, insane right. I'm sure that's just Satan trying to kill us, so I'll probably at least go to one store and look around. Besides, I'm suddenly feeling like I "need" some bubble bath. I haven't had a bubble bath in years! That's just not right.

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