Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angela's Sick

Well, it's another evening at the Paparazzo home. I have not been feeling well last night or tonight. Not surprising, since I've been taking care of a sickly little one. She's mostly better now. Of course, I just sent Angela to bed a short while ago with a sore throat and a fever, so now we've got another sick one. She seems to be very sick, which is typical. She hardly ever gets sick, but when she does.....Oh, Boy......Does She GET SICK! She's not very happy about it, because her class at school is working on a very fun project with kites. I think they're going to the park tomorrow and flying them. She's going to miss out! I don't blame her for being disappointed, but obviously I can't send her to school with a fever! Poor thing! She's been so good lately, too! I hate to have her miss out on all the fun!

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