Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Randomness

Well, it's another morning at the Paparazzo house. It looks like everyone's going to be able to go to school today! Yay! It's so nice to have healthy kids again! I don't think we have any activities this evening, so maybe I'll just get to enjoy them for a change! My cars been on the fritz. The last two days it's had to be jumped in order for me to go anywhere. Hopefully Josh will be able to take it in to get looked at today or some other time in the next week. I'm really going to need my car this summer, so it needs to get fixed. Josh found out what's wrong with our Wii system. There's a small part that I can't remember what it's called that is fried. If it's not too expensive to replace we'll have a Wii again soon. How do you like that for a random Paparazzo update?!


  1. maybe ou need a new battery and yeah you gots to get it fixed. You have to come and visit me, hopefully we will get moved in soon

  2. Yeah. Definitely not going out of town until my car is fixed. Josh says he's going to take it in and get the battery checked as soon as he gets a chance.