Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Ready For Camp

Well, it's our second full day without Josh. He's in the wilderness this time as I understand it, so only very brief conversations with a very weak signal. I don't always understand everything he's saying, so I don't know a whole lot about what he's doing, except that he's doing well, and the area around Salt Lake City, Utah is apparently very beautiful to him. I've seen the area from the area and know that I was in awe as I was flying into the airport. Quite a lovely area. He was heading off to campfire when he was talking to me. The conversations would be short even if we had a good signal, because he's on a very tight schedule. He'll only be gone for a week this time. Not two weeks like his last Boy Scouts training thing. I think he'll be doing another one of those longer one's in the fall. I do know he will be doing another training conference in the fall, just not sure how long. We've done some shopping the last couple of days, getting ready for camp. Not much though. Angela did find a SpongeBob camp chair at The Hope Center. And I bought another water bottle at Wal-Mart for our trip. I'll buy at least one more before we go, but we're trying to spread out our spending for camp a little.

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