Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Weeks Left

Well, I may not be able to keep up this blog very well this summer, or continue reading all of your wonderful blogs and participating in the way that many have found to be actively participating with them on their blogs. That is just amazing. But it turns out that I may not just be isolated in the fact that I can't leave camp more than once or twice all summer, or in the fact that I have no telephone access for personal use, but it turns out I may not be able to use the internet for personal use hardly at all. I really don't see how anyone survives two months with that little of interaction with their close family and friends, but somehow I'm going to have to. I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy and probably end up in a mental facility, but until then, I guess we'll try to enjoy what little life I have left right now. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be told you have two weeks to live, because that's what I feel like I've been told. After all it only takes about 2 weeks of isolation for me to end up in a pit of depression and addiction, and somehow I have to survive six, possibly eight weeks of isolation! Not gonna happen!


  1. Well, hopefully you will have a lot to keep you busy and pre-occupied, and you will be there with your husband and kids, so you won't be isolated from ALL family.
    Keep a journal, go on walks, take lots of pictures, and come back and post and show your exciting time away from home! You can do it! Sometimes it's nice to not be so connected to the outside world.

  2. hey just remember my place is close by. Hopefully we are in it soon enough

  3. Yeah, the weather report isn't looking too promising. But definitely, hopefully, before I'm sick of camp activities and Boy Scouts! I mean, yeah, my husband will be there, but pretty much the only time I'll see him is at bedtime and when he wakes up in the morning to take off, and only having conversations with kids can drive a person crazy. I had that experience last week. Ask the kids, I get very cranky when I don't have adult females to communicate with!