Friday, January 13, 2012

Busy Life!

Wow! It's been a crazy life! Had so much going on in my head and been journaling about it some, but not been on here. I've been emailing a friend who's been helping me sort stuff out. So much going on. So many decisions being made, but it's 1:30 am and I just wanted to say hi! The long and short of the biggest news in our world is I'm so done with legalism and we're now going to Real Life Ministries On The Palouse. Have only gone one Sunday so far. I loved it. Josh seemed happy with it. Jeremiah's been going to there youth group for a while, so he was thrilled. No longer feels like he's cheating on his church! Most of his friends from school go to Real Life, so that's why he was going to youth group there. The girls?! Oh, my! They loved it so much they were practically doing cartwheels telling me about it after church, while practicing there memory verses for the work!!! Whoa! My girls excited about homework! I love it! That has seriously never happened before. They love meeting new people, so really always thought they'd be happy if we just went to a new church every week!!!! But they weren't just excited about the new people! They were excited about what they learned there! That thrilled me to pieces, but I'll tell you about it later, because I really need to get to bed!


  1. I'm really excited for you new announcement. I asked your daughters to say hi for me, since we were sick last weekend and they told me all about Real Life. I have so many friends there I've been telling my husband we should go and visit some time just to say hi to everyone.

    Part of us feels like we'd be betraying the church that we've put so much effort into. Yes, it's still a mess so much of the time and the kids ministry is still hit or miss, although much better for my oldest than any of the younger kids. Sometimes I feel like we aren't giving it a fair shake, and then I hear about how amazing the people at other churches feel their group is and I miss that, I really do.

    So you'll have to tell me all about it and let me know if there is space for a deaf introvert and myself (also a major introvert). :)

    PS. We should do coffee soon!