Friday, February 17, 2012

New T-shirts

Well, that was FUN!!! I got to choose 5 free t-shirts from !!! They make Christian t-shirts. Normally, I'm not real big on running around wearing shirts proclaiming my faith loudly and obnoxiously, but I like theirs. They're not as obnoxious as most and they're simple and cute. I particularly like the music ones which I ordered two of. I got free t-shirts because I won a sort of, contest on twitter, if you want to call it that. A cerain person they know had a birthday on Valentine's Day which was easy for me to remember since my birthday is the day before Valentine's Day. Yes, I'm 37 years old now, and I did just admit that publicly! I hear life begins in about 3 years :) Although, someone burst my bubble the other day by claiming that life begins at 50! Nooooooooooo! I was so close to life beginning and now it's leaping away from me even further :) Anyway, the birthday gal. You had to wish her a happy birthday the most to win 5 free t-shirts! I figured I had no chance since I don't live on twitter all day, but apparently I'm the only one who did it!!! So, yes, I got 5 free t-shirts! Five, as I understand it, because that is the gals favorite number! All I know is I'm getting 5 brand spanking new tshirts for FREE!!! They really do have some cute shirts. You should check them out. And no they're not paying me. This is entirely on my own! It's not the Blue Door Boutique, but hey, baby steps, right? I may be stylin yet :) I doubt it. I may never get this red stain out of my neck! Anyway, things are going well. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude going to get me through, and see the many ways God has rescued me over and over again! I'm determined to kick this depression and anxiety thing and be healed by my Healer, Jesus Christ!!! Have you met Him? He's pretty Awesome! You really should get to know Him, even if you don't need healing, like I do. There's so much more to Him than that! So much more that I don't even know, but I want to!! He's teaching me more and more all the time!

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