Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Stuff You Didn't Care To Know :)

Okay, I've been wanting to write to y'all today. I'm not really sure why. It's just an itch that I have that must be scratched. There's nothing new and significant happening in my life today that wasn't happening yesterday. I could give you a few boring details, though, which is probably what I'll do! We've discovered two new holes in our air mattress since my plugging it with m heel and they are all near where my buttocks would be resting while I'm sleeping. All on my side of the bed, so each night as we discovered we'd lost air by morning I would begin the search for the leak. Our only conclusion? I must have a prickly butt? That was actually Josh's suggestion. I feel so loved. Wouldn't you? :)

Let's see? What else? I painted my fingernails yellow and green. I'm sure you feel so much better knowing that:)

I enjoyed a livestream this morning with a few of my sister's in Christ and of course, Beth Moore teaching. She talked about trouble and affliction. Two of our favorite things, right?:) Don't you just love it when teachers pick such joyful subjects?:) No, seriously, though, it was a good lesson and I'm sure you can still watch it using the link on her blog. Or you will be able to. They try to make the lesson available to those who missed it or the one's like myself, who were too busy chatting with sisters we recognized from the blog to really be paying real close attention :) So, I won't really say too much about that right now, because well, I don't really know exactly what she said myself :) I wasn't really listening that closely! I knew I could go back later and listen to her. I only had that half hour to chat with the others. I do know she taught from Psalm 25, cause that's where my bible was turned to, since she told us to do that first thing :) I don't think I read it at all! I'll have to do that later, too! Right now I'm starving and it's very hard to eat and type at the same time, so I'll see ya'll later :)


  1. Yellow and green, what are you wanting spring to come or something LOL. Glad you told me?

    Not going to comment on the Matteress thing. Yeah could be true, but wouldnt know. The kids have a leak in it somewhere too and I cant find it. I havent really looked i just have to keep putting air back in it every few days

    1. I actually had to paint over them (since I didn't have any nail polish remover) because when I woke up Saturday morning to get ready to go to Jeremiah's Bi-state wrestling tournament, where they wrestle everyone in their league or whatever they call it at the junior high level. Anyway, I realized, obviously, Potlatch is one of those schools and their colors are green and yellow. Couldn't go cheer on my son wearing one of the rival school's colors! That would be wrong! I'm still sort of in shock that he's Moscow's only Champion this year! And he's never done this before!! I'm sure it was my red and black nails (matching Moscow colors) that did it! Now I suppose I'm going to have to keep a steady supply of whatever his school colors are in nail polish. Have no idea what his colors will be in Spokane?

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    1. Hey, are you the Brittany I've been replying to every so often on the LPM blog? Love you, girl. It's weird how we can care so much for people we've only chatted with online, never met in person, isn't it?