Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last day of school

What a day! It was crazy! Went to Chloe's graduation. So much fun. All of those kids are so cute. Then, we picked up all her stuff from her classroom. Her portfolio that all the teacher's at MCS put together throughout the year for their students. Such wonderfully faithful teachers. And of course they cleaned out their desks and cubbies and had to bring home all that stuff. There was still an hour of school left for the rest of the students, so Chloe and I went to the park and she swinged for a while on the swings (duh, like you couldn't figure that out) and climbed the mini climbing wall and slid down the pole and then did a quick run down the slide and then we went to the dollar store where we found nothing I was looking for. That's okay. It wasn't that important anyway. Then, it was time to go get Jeremiah and Angela, so we could take Jeremiah to baseball practice. He'd forgotten his baseball pants so we had to go home for him to change and then go back to the baseball field. He was only a few minutes late. Then, I went home and unloaded the girls and all their stuff. Thank God Jeremiah brought all his stuff home yesterday. I'm not sure what they did all day at school today. Angela said they cleaned their classroom and played. Mostly they played. Then, I thought Jeremiah wouldn't be done with practice until at least 5:30, but apparently they were done at 5, so Jeremiah had to call me and tell me to come pick him up. So, I did. And I'm not done yet. We have prayer meeting at 7 p.m. I hope nobody wanted to eat dinner tonight! I'm way too hot and exhausted!

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