Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last week of school

Well, it's been a busy week for the kids. They went to the pool on Monday. Jeremiah had to miss the afternoon cause I had to take him to Pullman to see his allergist for a check up (we're going to have a lot of those for a while.) Nothing new there. We're keeping him on the same treatment for now since it's working and his lung capacity is back to what it should be on the meds. Has been for a couple weeks now. Tuesday they had a track and field day in the morning. Fun competitive stuff. Mostly just for fun. Chloe's class went to the park that afternoon. We went to Jeremiah's baseball game after that. Today is Chloe's Kindergarten graduation that I will be going to later and Angela's class is going to the park today from what I understand. Last Friday they had their end of the year market day. They earn Moscow Charter School "school bucks" throughout the year and then they get to "sell" stuff on market day. Things they made and things like that. And they can buy stuff from each other with their school bucks. They always have a lot of fun with that and come home with interesting things. Some of the parents bake things or get things at the store to sell at their market day. They donate them of course. Plus they can sell things they don't want anymore so kind of like a yard sale in a way. Except some of the stuff is brand new. Jeremiah auctioned off a couple of his old toys that he doesn't play with anymore, so they can do all kinds of stuff for market day. Some of the kids get pretty creative. They come home with some interesting things.

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