Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A HOT day and we probably won't be able to go to the pool.

Well, it's going to be another hot one, but Angela threw a huge fit when I told her they had to clean there rooms before they can go to the pool. So we're all going to have to suffer. She got really mad at her sister, figuring that she would make some excuse to get out of cleaning, which of course, Chloe does do a lot. Especially since she has summer school today, which is where she is right now. But Angela went off on her before she even had a chance and then she got mad and shoved her brother when he told her to please just do it and quit whining. He knows how much I hate whining and how far it gets with me. You want to be miserable in my house, just start whining and continue. You have no idea how miserable I can make a child's life. At least my own children. I don't punish other people's children. I just send them home. Their parents can deal with them, but I'm not going to keep them at my house if they're going to have a bad attitude. I usually don't have any problems with other people's children. They behave pretty well at my house. Of course, I don't ask them to do chores, either. That might have something to do with it. Anyway, she wanted another chance, so I told her if she cleaned her room and her brother's room by herself I'd take them to the pool. Am I horribly mean or what?

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