Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Long Thanksgiving Holiday

My Thanksgiving stretched over 3 days unlike the normal one day holiday. We went to our church to spend Thanksgiving with some people from our church who also had no other plans and nothing to do on Thanksgiving Day. It was a wonderful time of good food, good conversation, and fellowship with a few of our Christian brothers and sisters at Bridge Bible Fellowship, which is the church we now proudly call our church home. It does indeed feel like home. I'm as comfortable there and as free to be me as anywhere else in the whole world! Love my family in Christ!

That evening me and the girls returned home to relax and digest while the boys went out to stay with Josh's sister and brother-in-law and their kids, so they could return to the woods for more hunting the next morning. Josh called me the next morning to tell me he would be returning to get me and the girls and we would be spending the night at his brother, Raymond's house, with his brother and sister-in-law and their little boy, Danyole. (One of the cutest kids I've ever known!) Candy would be going there to spend the night with her six kids as well. (That's Josh's sister. I know this is all very confusing.) Her husband, Danny had to work the next morning, so unfortunately he was unable to join us. The reason we were all gathering at Raymond and Kaci's was that because others had plans with other family members on Thanksgiving Day, in order to get everybody together they opted to have it on Saturday instead. They regularly do this and it seems to work out well, so Josh's mom can get everyone together. Or most, anyway, of her children. Roger and Lis, Josh's other brother and sis-in-law couldn't make it. They live in Spokane. I got to stay with them when I went to Living Proof Live last month. Really wonderful people. Wouldn't even have been able to go without them. No way we could pay for a hotel, so I praise God for them. It was an amazing event for me. God did such a huge work in me, I'm not sure even I can fully comprehend what He did there. Also they are just nice people. Glad to know them and have them in my life.

Anyway, it was like one big sleepover in a little house! Loads of fun, but exhausting! Ten kids in basically like a trailer house size place! Not to mention the five parents, but we were seriously outnumbered. We had a great time, though. Me and my family slept in the living room with me and Josh on a big air mattress that seriously needed more air. (I rolled around in that thing like it was a water bed everytime Josh moved. Then he got out and slept on the couch and I was pretty much on the floor. The whole thing just sunk to the floor. It was crazy but fun! I was so tired and I'm not sure I slept a wink. Certainly not a minute of deep sleep. I kept hearing kids wake up and cry and cough and stuff like that. Normal stuff. Nothing I didn't expect, so my attitude remained positive. You know....oh, I'll save that for another time. Okay, fine. I won't. If we only expected that almost always there will be disrupted in life, it woulnd't affect our attitude. That's our problem most of the time, I think. We get frustrated because we expect things to go just right and they almost never do!

Anyway, back to my story. I had a fun morning playing with several of the kids in my bed before I got up. As always, I was the last one up. Have I mentioned that I don't do mornings! Anyway, we had cinnamon rolls, compliments of Candy and Kaci, that morning. Yum! Like the hard work of getting ready for a huge feast was not enough for them! Talk about motivated. Josh, Jeremiah, and Raymond once again had disappeared early in the morning to go hunting. They soon arrived back at the house with Josh's and Raymond's (and Candy's and Amy's and Roger's) mom in tow! They had to pick her up. She doesn't drive in snow at this point in her life and in case you didn't know, the northwest has gotten dumped on this week! Fifteen miles an hour is the norm for me these days and I'm sort of used to it, having driven on these roads the last 2 years, since I got my license. It's mighty slick out there, and doesn't seem to want to stop snowing! Anyway, Amy and Mike and their three girls showed up shortly after, but boy did the boys have a story to tell! Josh apparently had gotten attacked by coyotes! Thankfully, he's fine. I can't speak for the coyotes, but he's fine. He was a little scared cause his first thought when he noticed the attack coming, of course, was wolves! That might not have ended so well! Needlesss to say, that cut their hunting trip short. It was a great dinner and great pie and great company! But oh, boy, am I tired and ready for a good night's sleep in my own bed! Unfortunately, no meat for my freezer this season I suppose. That was pretty much Josh's last chance to go hunting. Back to insane work hours and no time for hunting for him for a while!

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