Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Me And My Girls Part Two: The Barbie Nudist Colony!

The strangest thing happened over the Thanksgiving holiday. I found a Barbie that was wearing clothes. Those of you who have raised girls know what's so strange about this already. I did not even know Barbie could wear clothes! I mean, sure, she has clothes on in the store when you buy her and in the packaging before she's unwrapped, but as soon as she gets to my house the clothes are coming off! And then they get lost. Never to be found again. I kind of felt sorry for this Barbie. She seemed so out of place amongst the Barbie Nudist Colony that lives in my house. Now, I know I'm weird, but I have never allowed my girls to take their nude Barbies to church. They have to be dressed! I don't get to go to church naked, why should they get to! I was getting pretty excited when I first started reading my friend Sonia's blog post about cutting back because of the economy and becoming nudist's. (I don't know the exact address to her blog, but I follow it. It's under the blogs I follow. It's called My First Launch.). I thought, "Yes, maybe now my Barbies can finally go to church!" But no such luck. As you read the post to the end, she ends up deciding that being a nudist isn't going to work. No kidding! Maybe if we lived in Hawaii! We live in Idaho! I don't know if you've been outside lately, Sonia, but it's COLD out there. It got down to -8 during Thanksgiving Break! It's bad enough that my husband and son were camping in that weather, but I'm pretty sure their would be no men left in my family if they weren't wearing clothes! It was cold even with clothes on! I, for one, stayed snuggled up in my nice cozy bed until it climbed up to at least zero! And I was wearing pajamas at that! I'm sure you're glad to know that!

Anyway, back to the Barbies. They weren't going to church nude until I went to church nude! So if you ever hear about a little church in Moscow, Idaho having to call the police cause some woman showed up to church nude, you know what happened. Me and my girls made a compromise! (Don't worry. That'll never happen! We live in Idaho, remember?)

I once heard Beth Moore talk about her young friend bringing her Barbies to church. She said she always wore her most modest outfits, but once they did have to wrap a bulletin around her waste to make her decent. I'm not sure I heard much after that! I was in such shock that her young friend had Barbies with CLOTHES! I was however blessed to know that there was someone else in the world who had an obsession with what Barbie could wear to church. Yes, I have modesty issues (another reason why the situation above will never occur!). My mother tried to buy me skimpy clothes when I was in college, but I refused to wear them. She barely managed to get them on me in the store. She couldn't believe I wouldn't dress that way, when I had such a slender figure. She was like, "Come on. You can get away with it. I can't."

Excuse me, I didn't want to get away with it! I had a problem with the way I grew up surrounded by pornography as it was. Apparently, I'm the only one who was uncomfortable with it. I didn't even want to be a woman, if that's what women were for! I was so relieved when I became a Christian and realized that's NOT what we're for! Only then, could I learn to enjoy being a woman. I still don't think I was comfortable in my own skin until I read a wonderful book I'd like to recommend to all my female readers. It's called "Captivating" by Staci Eldredge (not sure I spelled her name correctly). It gave me a whole new perspective on who God created me to be. A wonderful one!

So, in conclusion, Barbie will not be going to church anytime soon!

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