Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boo Hoo

I'm so sad! We can't get a dog. The landlord said no. We had to get permission from them to go get the puppy and they said too many people were breaking the rules. They're getting bigger dogs than they were told they were allowed to have and they are letting them run around off their leashes and go in other people's yards and they're not cleaning up after them. It always upsets me when I have to pay for other people being irresponsible. Not to mention that little puppy. We would have made the perfect family for him. He loves kids and has lots of energy. It would have been great fun and exhaustion. We would have loved it! And I know he would have loved us! But no, other people had to ruin it for us. Anyway, I'm still sick if you were wondering and so was my son, Jeremiah, today. I was distributing medications to everyone tonight!

And I fear it has begun! A girl from Jeremiah's class called the house this afternoon asking about why he was not at school today. That's right. A girl! He's ten years old for crying out loud. When I was ten years old the boys hated us! They are getting each others attention earlier and earlier these days. It's so sweet and innocent right now though, I have to admit. She was so concerned about him. So cute.

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