Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, so Saturday night I went to a Christian concert! It's been years since I've been able to do that. It only cost 10 dollars! And, no, they were not small-time bands. It was Addison Road and Tenth Avenue North opening and then Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, and Mercy Me! Big time bands. Of course they passed around donation buckets and sold their CD's and t-shirts and stuff. Plus, they were really pushing for Compassion International, for people to adopt a child. I really do want to do that some day, but we're just too unstable financially to commit to 32 dollars a month right now. I did by 3 CD's. Mercy Me was selling theirs for only 5 dollars and the rest were ten. So I bought Addison Road, Mercy Me's greatest hits, and Hawk Nelson...Is Your Friend or something like that. It had a title like that. Also with the Mercy Me CD there was a second disc that was a DVD with like 11 music videos on it, plus a bonus feature on the story behind their hit song, I Can Only Imagine. Both of those discs together for only 5 dollars! It was awesome! And still I spent less money than you would typically pay just to see Mercy Me in concert! I'd never heard Tenth Avenue North, but apparently my children had, cause the next day when I told them which bands were there that was the one I was having trouble remembering who they were and when I finally remembered and blurted it out, Jeremiah and Angela dived at me excitedly and shouted, "Tenth Avenue North!" They're insisted that if they ever come back that I have to take them. I guess all the bands want to come back next year and do this again. So, if they do, I suppose I'll have to take Jeremiah and Angela with me this time. When the lead singer for Mercy Me announced Tenth Avenue North (he announced all the bands) he did say he's convinced these guys are the future of Christian music. If my children are any indication they're probably right. My kids friends don't really listen to Christian music, so I was a little surprised, pleasantly so, that they knew who they were. Anyway, I had a blast and have been enjoying my new music!


  1. I was thinking of going to that concert, but never did. Maybe someday I can borrow your Mercy Me cds. ;) I love them! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Only have 1 Mercy Me cd, but it's their greatest hits. I don't know if you've heard Addison Road, but I absolutely loved them too. Bought their cd as well. And their lead singer, Jeni Simmons was 8 months pregnant. She was due in 5 weeks, so I guess 3 weeks now. Can you even imagine pretty much living on our tour bus that pregnant. I mean that was their 4th show in 4 days. She had to have been exhausted!