Monday, January 31, 2011

More Christmas Pictures Part 2

I told some dear friends recently that I wasn't going to post my thoughts or talk about my thoughts at all anymore, only quote God's Word directly, but I lied. I can't help myself. It's what I do. Post my thoughts, I mean, not lying, although I might do that on occasion. I hope not. I try not to. I certainly wouldn't lie intentionally, but I guess that's called a "mistake" not a lie, right? Well, this is not the most attractive picture of me, but as my dear "friend" Beth Moore says, blogging is not for the perfect, it's for the honest, or something like that. It can't be any worse than my last post, right :) I don't really remember what was in this present, but since no one in my family who likes to buy me polyester in my family is living anymore, I can promise you I had no complaints about my Christmas presents, although my mom did get me a sweat suit which makes me wonder if she's hinting :) Of course, there was an X in front of the L and it fit, which definitely disturbed me!!! Um, I'm guessing this is me trying to figure out exactly how you open a present??? Really?? Had it been that long since I'd gotten a gift?!?!
Awww, her first boyfriend! Isn't that cute?! Next we'll be training her to look for her dates outside the family!! No looking for dates at the family reunion honey!

Well, from the smile on her face, she definitely approves of the packaging, now let's see if what's inside is just as good! Maybe even better!!!

I think my dad is yawning. That is the least disturbing of the options I'm considering here. I'm not even going to mention the other possibilities! On the left as you're looking at this is my brother-in-law, John, and on the right is my brother, Adam.

My kids with their cousins (my nephews) Cody and Chance.

Go ahead, choose whichever one you like best and stare at it for hours. I know they're beautiful!!!

Ummm, Santa lost a lot of weight and got a sex change?!!!

Again, the handsome man on the couch!....Oh, yeah, and then there's the tree. Totally fake by the way. All my family members cheat these days!

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