Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Happens When You Can't Take Any More

This is what happens when God gives one woman way too much to handle.


  1. holy cow! its Sinead o'Conner! Sweet! hmm, so how's about we go hat shopping soon, just until the weather warms up?

    Also, how much time does it save getting ready in the morning?

    love you Shell. Don't forget Jesus.

  2. I actually don't think it looks that bad, but yes, my head is freezing!!!!! I couldn't sleep at all last night cause my head was freezing! I seriously should have taken a chill pill (don't really know where you get those, though) and then gone to school with the kids this morning to get "checked."

    About the hats. If I'm going for the lesbian granola look, I'm doing quite well with the bald head and my daughters old (hasn't been worn since Christmas don't worry) peace sign snow cap. The girls insist I wear it when they're around cause my head freaks them out! But I've worn it a few times today cause I got really cold! Did you know that all your heat escapes out your head? Had no idea how much insulation all that hair provided.

  3. Oh my goodness! Tell me more about this little experiment.

  4. I was already stressed out and upset about life in general (you know me. I never change.) and then, my friend, Holly, whose daughter has had head lice several times in the past, brought my daughter home and told me that after complaining about her head itching she decided to check Angela and sure enough she had head lice. I couldn't stand the thought that I might have them (Holly had them at the time, as well), so I shaved my head. Josh hardly can look at me. Of course, he got a little distressed about me hat shopping. I bought a couple of hats. One for cold and one for not so cold days. At least they were on sale since they're getting rid of all their winter stuff. I figure it was either that or more lice treatment. Jeremiah has it now. I think we got it all, but we won't know for sure until Carla checks him on Monday. Angela and Jeremiah both have very short hairstyles now. Angela's looks like the girl from Tron. She's even thinking about dying it black. Josh and I decided to let her, as long as she pays for it herself. (She cleans house for our neighbor.)