Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another sickness

Well, guess what? I have the flu again. I think we got it from our neighbor when my daughter went to visit her a few days ago. Angela got it shortly after and now Jeremiah, Chloe and I have it. It's very similar to the last one. Fever, headache, lightheadedness, sore throat, cough, stuffed up nose. Really miserable. Should be in bed right now, but I'm not. Josh tried to order me to bed, but that didn't work very well. I want to finish some laundry.


  1. I'm sorry. I'm coming down with it, too. This is the third time that I've had the stupid coughing, runny/stuffy nose, etc. in three months!

  2. Ugh. My second time. I hope we don't do a third round. It's the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life. I just want to die. If I'm not there on Thursday, you know why.