Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is here (I'm sure of it)

Allergy season is here and I am miserable. I have year-round allergies, but they're definitely worse during this time of the year. And it doesn't seem to matter how much medication I take I'm always sniffly. It's really annoying and disruptive to my life and it's one of 2 reasons I hate spring. The other reason is the increasingly warming weather that reminds me that the unbearably hot summer is coming. Even here in Idaho it's unbearably hot in my trailer house. We do not have air conditioning and I can't spend a lot of time outdoors. The sun drains me of energy unlike most people. I've always joked that I'm allergic to the sun, plus since I'm severely allergic to plant life I'm quite miserable outdoors in the spring and summer, so this time of year is not very fun for me. And once school gets out I never get a break, because my kids are always around. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. It's just when you're constantly sniffling and miserably hot they can irritate me rather easily and it's better for both them and me if I can send them somewhere else for a while and rest. I am looking forward to having wheels this summer, so I can take the kids to the pool or the wonderfully air conditioned mall or something to hang out on hot days. I do have to be home some of the time, so that I can do housework, Ugh! And that's a lot more miserable in the summer too, cause it's just so hot in the house. And it's messier because of the kids being around all the time. Summer's are crazy, but it is fun when we can get away. It would be nice if we could get away this summer. Josh has talked about going down to southern California and visiting his brother by the beach! Now that sounds like loads of fun. Sure it's hot in Southern California, but there are so many coolingly fun things to do that it won't matter. And when we're indoors everything's air conditioned. Yay!

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