Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House, MD, Delghtfully Distasteful

Well, it's a new day and I think I changed my mind about the post I was going to do. I had a friend on facebook that indicated she was offended by a recent episode of House and I was going to do a whole post on how if you're offended by House, you probably shouldn't be watching it, because he can be quite offensive. The exact word she used for it was "distasteful" and I thought that was a perfect way to describe Dr. House. He's delightfully distasteful. That's why we love him. He says the things we wish we could say to people and he gets away with it. We know that we would never get away with it. That's why we don't do it. We let House do it for us. Do you have any idiots in your life? I know I do. Wouildn't you just love to be able to walk right up to them and say, "You're an idiot." Well, House does exactly that. If you want to avoid the horrible consequences that can happen in people's lives you also shouldn't watch House. It's a hospital. Of course people have problems and House does not ignore recent and past issues in his shows. He takes terrible things that are a reality in people's lives and finds a way to laugh at them in a very distasteful way. But isn't it wonderful? Don't you love it? I've met few people who don't enjoy an episode of House every now and again. It's a relief after a week of dealing with "idiots". Hey, and I'll admit it, sometimes I'm the idiot. Aren't we all?

Another thing I love that House says is that everybody lies. Isn't it so true most of the time? I mean, how many of us really tell the whole truth about everything in our lives? Don't we leave out a few details? When we tell our friends when they drop by that we didn't have time to clean the house, don't we leave out some idiotic detail about whatever stupid thing happened that interrupted our house cleaning? Or stupid game we were playing or something instead of cleaning? I mean, really. Sometimes we're just plain lazy, but we don't admit that. We lie.

Okay, so I guess I did end up doing an entire post on House, MD. And now I have a busy day ahead. I have a friend to meet with this morning for a special devotional and this afternoon I have to take my daughter, Chloe, to her vision therapy session if she's up to it. She wasn't anxious to go to school this morning. She's claiming she's sick. She was sick all week last week, so she really needs to go to school. And in between all those things I need to do laundry and clean the bathrooms, some of which I probably won't get to and I'll probably lie about why!


  1. Or lie about how messy the house is- when just a half an hour ago, it was a tornado- before you did a massive cleaning to get the house looking decent before company arrived. ;)

    Or lie when your child asks,"Are you eating chocolate, Mommy?"
    "Nope," you mumble as you try to hide the wrapper as evidence.

    Sorry your daughter was sick. Hope you are all feeling better soon! You have to come to Bible study this week! Last video of the Beth Moore series! :(

  2. I know. I will force them to pretend they're healthy even if they're not! Okay, I wouldn't really do that, but Chloe was fine anyway. Just trying to get out of going to school. She's not a morning person.