Thursday, April 30, 2009

No allergies?

Okay, so there have to be allergies. He went into anaphylactic shock for crying out loud!! I probably mispelled anaphylactic, but who cares. But so far all the test results have been negative. He's not allergic to any of the things we thought he might be allergic too, including bees, so maybe he didn't even get stung. Anyway, now, in addition to the epi pens and the pills he has an inhaler. He had to use it a few times today. Mostly in the store around smelly things. Or at least we think that's what it was. Like the potpourri and candles and stuff. That however does not explain his anaphylactic shock on the basketball court! Yes, they did test him for asthma and that test was also negative, like everything else. They just want him to have something to help him breathe while we're still in the diagnostic stage. At least his attitude towards hospitals has changed in the last few days. We drove past Gritman Medical Center today on our way to the store and Angela said, "Ew, Gritman." and Jeremiah said, "Hey, I like Gritman. They saved my life...twice." So, at least he realizes that as painful as it was, the things they did were good. Our doctor's office is now in contact with a specialist in Spokane, Washington trying to figure this all out. He's got an appointment with our regular doc on May 7th. It can't come quick enough. I realize that most people like negative test results, but in this case they know something's wrong and negative test results just mean that we still don't know what it is, so we don't know what to expect. Anything could happen at any time and when it involves him not being able to breathe it's kind of scary, to put it mildly.

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