Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jeremiah's 6th Grade Graduation! (Please Tell Me I'm Not Going To Blink And It's Going To Be High School!)

Okay, obviously, as you can clearly see, it was impossible to get this kid to let me take any serious pictures on graduation day. He tried very hard in the second picture down to keep me from taking his picture. Either that or he really wanted you to see the top of his graduation cap, as if you'd never seen a mortarboard, right?!!!

Oh, yes, and obviously I found the cord to my camera. Of course it does have a card, so we would have gotten the pictures on here eventually, but I couldn't charge the camera without that cord either, so I wouldn't have had a camera long without it! Can't really afford to buy rechargable batteries over and over again. They're rechargeable for a reason! You're supposed to be able to recharge them, which is why they're more expensive and from what I understand this camera doesn't have the option of using non-rechargables!!! The cord was used for both downloading and charging. I have an adapter for the charging part. They didn't lose the adapter! They've been let know that they better put my stuff back where it goes when they're done with it or they won't be allow to use my camera at all!!!

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  1. You're going to blink - and it will be high school. Sorry. Just had too.