Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Little Slave

My kids had their all school play last week and this is one of Chloe's scenes. She's the one in front all dressed in white with the patch. She's supposed to be a slave. I know this might sound racist, but for the slave days of the United States, is she not the whitest slave you've ever seen? Some might say that's racist, but seriously, last time I checked my history books, slaves in America were black! That's not racist. It's just a fact. They got their slaves from Africa and they're rather dark over there! They're beautiful actually. I'm a little jealous of their skin! Especially as I'm lathering 60 SPF sunscreen on my skin constantly on my irish skin, in the summer time! And sometimes I still get burnt! I should probably use 80 SPF sunscreen! I saw some in the store the other day, believe it or not! They're starting to figure out that some of us have such pale skin we almost glow in the dark and we need stronger sunscreen than others! I mean, when you're a mix of irish, german, and scottish, it makes for some rather light skin!!!!

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