Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One More "Wounded" Picture And Jeremiah As A Baby

Apparently Jeremiah took the pictures that are on my camera, of his own "battle wounds." Apparently, battle wounds are always worthy of camera space with boys! They show them off like some sort of trophy! What's up with that?! To me it's just another thing that will probably produce another scar when I get hurt! I guess that's just how we women are. Constantly worried about how everything's going to affect the "beauty" factor! But the "manliness" factor with them is totally different! I'd forgotten I had this on my camera. This is actually a picture of a picture that's on my wall! Normall we'd try to take it out of the frame, but it's stuck to the glass and when we took Angela's baby picture out a few years ago, we ripped the bottom of it. We were not about to make that mistake again! We needed a baby picture for his graduation! I absolutely love this picture and yes, he has always been that adorable!!!
By the way, Sojourner5, thank you for reminding me not to hug and kiss him and call him my little man when I drop him off at junior high!!! LOL! He's normally the type of kid who hugs and kisses ME in public, and tells the other kids, "Hey, what's wrong with you! Don't you love your mama? You should love your mama!" But I would imagine that at least for a while he'll be feeling a little awkward around all the students he doesn't yet know, so having me hugging and kissing him wouldn't help! And I certainly hope I remember not to call him my little man! That would be humiliating in front of people he hopes will be new friends! The only reason I'm not commenting in a comment is for some reason when I try to comment, Blogger no longer recognizes my account, even though OBVIOUSLY this is my account!!!
Anyway, this is my little man when the "little" part of that statement was much more accurate! People have been pointing out to me when they see me with him, lately, that he's just on the verge of overshooting me, heighth wise! I have no doubt, he understands that does not make me "below" him! He knows, because we've taught him well, that no matter how big he gets, I'm still the parent and he's still the child! At least until he moves out, and then that relationship will shift a little, as long as he doesn't want money :) He also understands that he will always be my baby, but he would prefer if I didn't call him that in front of his friends (I've slipped a time or two!)!

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