Sunday, May 15, 2011

Balls In Space???

I know you guys are probably so sick of the ball pit pictures!!! But you know what, I'm not! I love them! I love these girls! Even the one's that aren't mine, although not as much as mine! There are two I'm rather partial to! Sorry, but it's the truth. Besides, I think it's so funny that they decided to start throwing the balls at me while I was taking pictures! it's so funny, how they all look like they're floating, like planets out in space! Jeremiah even said when he looked at them, "Could you just imagine a ball pit like this on the moon!" That would be so much fun!! Floating around with a cage full of balls, also floating! That would be pretty cool!!!

They really were having way too much fun! It's too bad the one in this picture that belongs to me is now grounded. Long story, and I'm sure she would prefer I not tell you about it, so I won't.

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