Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Matching Dresses

Yes, as someone already observed, the girls allowed me to buy matching dresses for them at least one more year! Shall we go for yet another year? What are the chances of Angela being happy to wear the same dress as her little sister when she's 11 years old and in 5th grade? Anyone want to weigh in on the possibilities. I do like that Angela is at least trying to look happy in these pictures. They're not the best, but even with a not so good camera, used by a not so good photographer (yours truly), I am always struck again, by how beautiful these girls are!!! They think that Josh cleans his guns every year to prepare for deer hunting, but little do they know he's practicing for when the boys come knocking on the door to see his daughters :) Even though she's only sort of smiling, I actually think she looks really cute with this expression on her face, and dangerously beautiful, as I mentioned before!

I do have to say that Angela did refuse any possibility of cute little white flats with bows, like the one's I bought Chloe! Oh, no! They had to be black heels, little diva that she is!


  1. What beauitful young ladies you have!

  2. Thanks, Christine! I admire you! There is absolutely no way I could raise that many kids and not end up in a mental hospital! I already was once, and I only had one at the time!