Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Last Of The Ball Pit Pictures And A Few Misc. Things

Okay, all the girls wanted me to take their pictures coming out of the slide, and they all have such funny expressions on their faces, except for Christina (from my last post) who seemed to be practically posing. Of course, in general, I am struck by how different Christina is from her cousin, and my daughter's best friend, Riley, who is behind Angela in this picture. Riley is amazingly similar to Angela. They're both tomboys who love to wrestle, have punching contests (just like boys!) and yet they also like fashion, too! They are such an odd combination of tomboy and girly girl! It's quite strange raising Angela, and, as you know, frustrating at times! At a LOT of times, but back to the differences between the two cousins. While Riley is very tomboy, Christina shows up to play in the ball pit in a dress and with her hair all done up!! So funny! Only God would make relatives so different from each other! We'd make them just like us, and that would be so boring!
Of course, Chloe is very much like me (without the fear, which makes it so much more fun.) and I most definitely would not call her boring! She just loves life and wants to try everything! I just really hope she doesn't have the horrid experiences I have had to kill that in her! I love it, and it helps me with my issues believe it or not! It's such a joy to see life from her perspective. When she turned out to have learning issues (that I suspect I myself also have, but were never discovered) and she had to take special classes, she said that she was lucky, because she has more teachers than any of the other kids! What a marvelous way to look at it!

Of course, then there are the very odd and out of place things kids sometimes say. Like they're in a completely different conversation inside their heads. Sometimes I wonder why I talk to them at all! They have such marvelous conversations inside their heads while I'm talking, I'm thinking. I was talking to Chloe the other day about her memorizing her songs for the school production, and she said she was sure she'd memorize them as quickly as she did her lines, and asked me how long I thought it took her to memorize her lines. I told her I didn't know, and she told me it took her two days. I told her, I know you memorize things quickly. "It took you two days too memorize the bible verses I had been working on for over a week! And I read them more times a day than you did!" I proceeded to tell her how her mind is like a sponge at her age, and she chimes in with, "Yeah, like scabs." .....What in the world?? Where did that come from??? LOL

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