Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Neighbor And Me At The End Of My Rope!

This is our neighbor, Christina. This is the best picture I've got of her. She's really cute! I have to admit, I am having a rather hard day today. I'm at the end of my rope when it comes to my daughter, Angela. I love her, dearly, you know I do, but every time I do something for her she doesn't like something about it. And when she doesn't get what she wants she screams her head off. We're about to give up on her, and just let her do what she wants. Of course, we can't actually give her everyTHING she wants! I'm not sure Bill Gates could afford to do that, but provided it doesn't cost much, she's getting what she wants. If what she wants are parents who don't care, she's about to find out what that's like!


  1. kids are soo challenging at times. Love you and hang in there. Maybe its just a stage.

  2. My brother went through something like that many moons ago. At one point it was winter and he wanted to go out with no coat and no shoes and she was tired of catching him heading out the door. She finally let him and he went barefoot into the snow with his jeans and t-shirt. Oddly enough he came back inside after about 5 minutes and never bugged her about that ever again. That was just one battle.
    I heard of someone whose kid wouldn't go to bed so on a weekend his parents made him stay up till he couldn't stand it. Of course they knew he would crash, that he couldn't really stay awake like he thought he could.
    You have to know your child in order to pull off something like that. Praying Jesus gives you the right challenge for your daughter to learn the lessons she needs at this point in her life.