Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls And Their Love

She's so fun! I love her so much! You know, in her young life she's already led two young girls to the Lord! One of those being her sister, who's getting baptized this Sunday at Bridge Bible Fellowship in Moscow, Idaho! We're so excited! No, Chloe did not pray with me! She asked her sister! Those two are so close, it's amazing! Me and my sister HATED each other! I mean, knock out drag out, fighting! All of my brothers and sisters and I could not stand each other! So, it's very different for me having two girls who love each other so much! They share a room. They have bunk beds and often at night when they're supposed to be sleeping, I can hear them whispering to each other and giggling, and I know I should probably get on them for not sleeping, and I do, sometimes, but sometimes I don't. I just smile to myself and walk right on by! I love that they have so much fun together! Of course, they do fight, as well, sometimes. Don't start thinking they're perfect. They're not. But, sometimes, I even go in there after they've gone to sleep and find them on the same bunk with their arms around each other, sound asleep. It just makes me want to cry tears of joy, they love each other so much! They're laughing and probably screaming at the same time, but they're not mad or upset, I promise!

Okay, now you know you're going to get a lecture, right? I've told you before, I'd just stick with my personal writing and journaling and not even bother with a blog if I didn't want to hear from you, so talk to me! And if you read my blog, but are not a public follower of my blog, please consider doing that. I love to know who's reading these posts and even tell me a little bit about you. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I don't get out of this little town much, so I like the reminder that there are other people and other places out there. I really can't wait to move to a more diverse place, so I can get to know some new people and more of them! I'm way too much of an extrovert for this area to be able to handle me! :)

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