Monday, May 23, 2011

"Random" Drawings

Wow! I have not been taking very many pictures! All of the pictures I just downloaded off my camera are Jeremiah's pictures, so I guess I will copy an excerpt from my new book.

Okay, never mind it's not working. Not really sure why. I'll have to figure that one out later.

Did I mention that I won a blog drawing recently? I didn't! How in the world did I let you miss out on that one!?! I won a drawing on the blog Praise And Coffee!! You can find that one in the margin of my blog at this point! I have all the blogs I follow in the sidebar, so you can click on it. They have a monthly giveaway and I won their May giveaway! I just got my coffee from barista de casa this last weekend! It is delicious!!!! I may never be able to go back to drinking Folgers again!! But of course, that is their goal, is to get you to buy their coffee! If it's not too expensive I might! You can find them on both facebook and Twitter, by the way, if you're interested! If you actually like cheap coffee and don't just drink it cause you don't have a choice, like me, you probably won't like it! But if you like things like Starbucks coffee, you will LOVE barista de casa! I'm telling you, I think it's even better!!! They sent me two flavors and the one I have on right now is called "candy ban." It smelled the best, so I planned to do that one last, but I accidently opened it instead of the "Panama Estate" like I planned too, so that's what I'm drinking this morning!

What I really can't wait for is the cd I won! It's by Laura Story and it's called "Blessings." I can't help but think it's a God-thing that I happened to win that cd! I listened to a snippet of it online (cause I was curious) and the title song starts out, "What if your blessings come through rain drops, what if your healing comes through tears." How timely is that in my life as I'm going through counseling and dealing with very tough things in my past and in my current relationships! Their have been many tears and what feels like rain in my life! I watched an interview with Laura about the album and if I'm remembering correctly all of the songs on the album were written during a time when she and her husband were going through some tough times and trying to figure out how to praise Him during the storms. And she talks about learning to see our circumstances through God instead of looking at God through our circumstances! It just seems to be way too timely in my life for this too have been totally random! I think God Himself drew my name out of the "hat" so to speak! The supposedly "random" drawing was controlled by God!!!

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  1. Hopefully you have that CD in your hands quickly! Let me know. It's coming directly from :)
    I'm so thrilled you won!