Monday, July 4, 2011

A Short (Very Short) Break To Share My Sweet Chloe

Yes, I'm taking a mini-break from the intensity of my healing journey, which I think is actually getting somewhere by the way! I am absolutely falling in LOVE with my Jesus all over again! But for no other reason, other than I just adore her, I thought I'd share my baby girl with you this morning! She loves trains. I mean, what child doesn't? They're just cool, and she very much enjoyed this train in Potlatch, Idaho. Look, at that gorgeous child!...I gave birth to that child!...Wow! My mind is blown! I mean, me and my husband, as impure of lives as we've lived produced this...amazing...beautiful....pure child of God!!! And, yes, she does know Jesus! All of my children do, praise You, Lord! She just enjoys the simplest things so much! I love seeing the world through her eyes! It is just beautiful and AMAZING! I mean like everything! Math problems are the coolest thing in the world to her! Whatever she happens to be doing is the greatest thing she could be doing in that moment! Oh, to live life like that! I love it!

Look at that! She's just thrilled to pieces to be climbing up on that wagon wheel! Such joy! I know I need this time, but I miss her and her brother and sister so much! I just hope they know how much I still love them!

Little charmer! Oh, man, when she gets to be a teenager....whoa! We're not going to be able to keep those boys away! Scares me half to death! But I know she loves her Jesus, and He's watching out for her, even when I can't.
She's gorgeous and she knows it!!! And I ain't gonna tell her any different! Cause I happen to agree with her!
Well, that was fun! And I think that at this point, a little fun can't hurt! Just as long as it doesn't distract me from my goal! I'm going to keep at it! If I left the house, I'm afraid that would be too much distraction, although, I'm going to have to tomorrow, to see the doctor, so she can remove my ingrown toenail. I named it Wilson, but I don't think I'll be calling his name as he goes away! This relationship isn't working for me. I forgive him, but this relationship just can't be reconciled. He's got to go!

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