Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Hockey Weekend

Angela had her Moscow tournament this weekend. It's the only tournament she's been in this year, because the tournaments cost extra and we couldn't afford that. Also since it's a whole weekend we have to stay in a hotel when we go on the road. They lost every game, but the last one was close and it was exciting and she has improved so much this season. I can't wait to see how she does next year. For those of you who may not know, she started playing ice hockey this year. She's wanted to ever since I first strapped skates on her feet when she was only 2 years old and her daddy was the assistant manager and the ice rink. I just never realized how badly she wanted to play that we would somehow end up here. It's just such an expensive sport and we have so many bills from our past, because of some bad choices that we made. We're barely making ends meet, even though, my husband has had fairly good jobs. She's doing very well, and was able to play this year on a scholarship. Hopefully she will be able to continue to play and improve and become fairly good at it. I think she will. She absolutely loves it. They only have one game left for the season. It's a parent-child game that Josh is also hoping to participate in. He's going to have to borrow some equipment, cause all he has is his skates and his stick. She asked me yesterday, "What am I going to do after hockey is over?" which is kind of funny since I had been asking Josh that very day at one of her games: "What am I going to do with her when she doesn't have hockey anymore?" So we're both at a loss! We don't have any more money for her to do any other sports this year, or time. Jeremiah will be starting baseball in a couple of weeks. That is if he can find his mitt. We're not buying a new one. We already bought a new one last year, cause he lost the first one we bought, we're not doing it again! The deal with Angela is that she just has so much energy and gets so bored so easily and starts to cause me problems. I believe that hockey was exactly the outlet she needed. She's been so much easier to deal with at home while she's had hockey! I love her dearly, but man, she can be a pain! And she wants to be in charge of everything! I have to constantly remind her who's boss! And it's exhausting! More exhausting than dragging her to the rink every day and putting all that gear on her!!!!


  1. I had no idea she played hockey. How fun! Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

  2. She made an assist in the last game!