Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stomach Bug

Okay, apparently it wasn't food poisoning, because my son woke up in the wee hours of the morning throwing up and then this afternoon I got a phone call from the school that Angela had thrown up at school. Chloe was already home, because shortly after Jeremiah started throwing up she came in my room and told me her tummy hurt. Under the circumstances I believed her, so she's been home all day. What has she done all day, you ask? Well, she's sang and watched a movie and eaten and eaten some more and nothing has come back up. She's even done quite a bit of dancing around. Some of it really bugging her poor miserable brother and sister. Well, I don't know if she bothered Angela, but this morning I could tell Jeremiah wasn't enjoying her singing. We all normally enjoy Chloe's singing, but it is irritating when you don't feel well. I'm still hoping that somehow Chloe and I might avoid it. I'm downing lots of water and vitamin C.

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