Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy with kids

Wow! What a busy day! Josh and I went to a barbecue at Good Sam's and then later I took the girls to Angela's soccer game. Then, we went over to Hordeman's Pond for Jeremiah's Cub Scout awards ceremony and barbecue. (Talk about a lot of barbecue in one day!) Then, I went to Celebrate Recovery for the last half of it. The group sharing time and snacks and fellowship afterwards. I missed the teaching and worship time. That's the best part as far as I'm concerned. The other stuff is very important though. Can't do without that in my life either. Keeps me connected with people and on track. I'm really tired and wondering if I'm going to be up to spending time with Candy and her kids tomorrow. They are always all over me. The two older girls are anyway. And after this week, I may really need a nap!

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