Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jeremiah update

Wow! It's been a while. Well, they don't think Jeremiah has allergies. They think he either has a form of asthma or what they call Vocal Cord Paralysis. The second condition is very rare. Basically, what happens with this is the vocal cords spasm, causing him to have raspy breath. It's basically harmless, except what they think is happening is when his vocal cords spasm he panics, because he feels like he can't breathe even though he's getting plenty of oxygen and then he starts to hyperventilate and it escalates from there. Whenever he goes to the hospital and they hook him up to the monitors his oxygen level is normal. That's why she suspects Vocal Cord Paralysis. The good news it seems to only show up in kids who are very smart and have active minds. That definitely sounds like my very curious little scientist. And I like the idea of that one, cause as soon as he realizes it's nothing to worry about he'll be just fine.


  1. Glad that they have something figured out. I hope he is feeling okay now! Kimberly was worried when her kids told her that they had to stop the bus because Jeremiah couldn't breathe.

  2. Oh, well, tell her he's okay. Still trying to figure out what's wrong, but now he has an inhaler to help with things like that.