Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jeremiah update

Well, I hope today goes well. I think the kids all school play is tomorrow and the next day. The free one is on Friday. I have to check my emails to get some times on that. I definitely need to go. Definitely not tomorrow probably. By the way, Jeremiah definitely has asthma. They gave him Singulair, which he'll probably be taking from now on unless Dr. Ariyawansa (spelling) has a better idea. That's the doctor he has an appointment with on Thursday. Of course, for now he's on another medication to keep any swelling down. He has another inhaler that he started using Monday night that has medicine in it that he takes every morning and evening. He had that prescribed when he saw the allergy and asthma specialist on Monday. The girls missed their soccer games again last night. Poor things. They sure need some special attention.

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