Friday, May 8, 2009

updates on children's activities

Well, today's the day of Jeremiah's doctor's appointment. Hopefully, we'll learn something this afternoon. He's probably going to miss the first part of his baseball game, but that's okay. Without his doctor's okay he wouldn't be able to play at all. Chloe and I will meet them at the ball field. He's picking up both Angela and Jeremiah from school. Angela has something fragile to bring home from school, so she needs to be picked up from school as well. Chloe played soccer last night. She has fun, but she's a little timid about kicking the ball. She's doing a lot better than she did at their first game though. Angela didn't have a game last night, but she's improving as well. She's never been timid at all, though! She's just got more skills now. One of her teammates is in her class at school, so they've been practicing during recess. Her friend's been playing longer, so she's taught Angela a few things. The girls are enjoying it enough that I think we'll probably be playing soccer again in the fall. They also had their last AWANA's this week. Their award ceremony. Jeremiah got a certificate for memorizing 16 verses. He just joined a few months ago. Angela got a church patch, a blue jewel, and her first book award (for completing her first book). I think the blue jewel was for attendance, but I'm not sure. Chloe got a church patch. I'm pretty sure the church patch is for church attendance. Jeremiah attended regularly obviously, but he wasn't in AWANA's long enough to get that. Next year they all should be able to attend the whole year. Well, I'm not sure Chloe's going to go. She didn't really like it much. She was fine with the bible learning, but didn't really like the games too much. We'll see what she thinks next fall.


  1. Did you learn anything at the appointment? Poor guy! I pray he is healed quickly! Congratulations to your kiddos on their Awana's awards. I hope to find an AWANA's when I move to Seattle.

  2. It is a great program. Really puts the Word of God in their little hearts at an early age. What a great foundation for them to work from. I'll bet there are lots of them in Seattle. It's just a matter of finding one. We didn't find out much, except they don't think it's allergies. They think it's either a form of asthma or possibly vocal cord paralysis, which is very rare. Basically, in the case of vocal cord paralysis his vocal cords spasm which causes raspy breath, which makes him feel like he can't breathe, so he starts panicking and then he starts to hyperventilate and it escalates from there. She says it typically shows up in very smart kids with active minds, which definitely sounds like my Jeremiah. I mean when he was about 3 or 4 and I was teaching him his letters, hadn't even gotten to his numbers yet, he taught himself to add and subtract!