Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on Jeremiah

Wow! I have a ton to update you on. I think I'll just talk about the most recent major event in our lives for now. Jeremiah woke up 2 nights ago twice, having breathing troubles. He was real tired and wanted to stay home from school and rest. I thought it was a good idea, but Josh didn't, so I made him go to school. Shortly after he got to school I got a phone call from Josh telling me to meet him at the hospital. He was on the way there with Jeremiah. He had trouble breathing at school and used the inhaler a couple of times, but it wasn't helping, so Josh had to take him to the hospital. I met them there. He was doing fine by the time I got there. Josh needed to go to work, so I stayed with him until he was released. He can't do anything strenuous until he sees our doctor. That appointment is tomorrow. I think I told you Thursday, but apparently I got the date wrong when Josh gave it to me. Tomorrow at 3:30, right after schoo, he will be seeing Dr. Lawrence. Hopefully, we will learn more than. They took more blood to test at the hospital, so those results may be back at that time. Hopefully she'll give him the go ahead to play in his game Friday evening. They only have 11 players, so they really kind of need him. Plus, I just really don't want this to mess up his season. He's been looking forward to this season since last season ended! I hate to have him not be able to play because of this. Plus, he's had no problems at practice or games. I guess they just didn't want to risk it after his episode yesterday. So he missed practice again last night. Poor little guy! I sure do love him a lot!

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